Throwback Thursday- The Simpsons

Simpsons Outfits

The Simpsons has been on TV since 1989 and its characters are known worldwide. As of yesterday, Universal Studios Hollywood now allows you to visit the iconic town of Springfield. For this throwback Thursday we decided to give Marge and … Continue reading

Snakeskin Convertible Clutch Purse

Clutch Purse

A purse that can transition from day to evening is such a pleasure. It’s an extra bonus when it can convert from a clutch to a short handle purse to a long chain shoulder purse. Such a bag does exist! … Continue reading

Flower and Braid Clutch

Flower and Braid Clutch

Looking for a new purse this spring? Try this flower and braid clutch. It’s a great statement purse and is visually intriguing with its flower embellishment and mixture of textures. The rhinestone embellishment adds that little something extra. This 9.5″ … Continue reading

The Little Mermaid Inspired Fashion

Ariel and Ursula Outfits

Go under the sea for a little outfit inspiration. Whether you’re a fan of Ariel and her iconic seashell top and red hair or Ursula and her darker vibe, you can use them to add some fun to your wardrobe. … Continue reading

Snakeskin Pattern Hard Box Clutch

Simplest of outfits can really stand out with a stylish clutch purse. Whether you are dressing up in a simple dress or dressing down in your plain old pair of jeans, you can always jazz it up with a snakeskin clutch purse. These clutches are such an amazing size, fit the essentials, come with a chain strap for easy handling. Different colors come with different chain straps. Available in brown, black, blue, brown, and neon green. Buy one at Chicastic now!

Neon green snakeskin clutch

Blue Shell Crystal Metallic Hard Box Clutch

You don’t have to be a bride to wear something blue, as a matter of fact, blue is a color that happens to compliment just about any other color you are wearing. Why else would people be so keen on having the perfect fit of blue denim jeans? This ice blue hard box clutch from Chicastic  is a great winter accessory to have. The cool tones are reminiscent of winter snow and the smooth texture is luxurious to the touch. Get yours now at Chicastic, it is also available in white, and multi-color.

Metallic Glitter Mesh Envelope Clutch

When you hear the word statement piece, the first thing that comes to mind is usually statement jewelry such as a necklace, or a pair of earrings.  But have you ever considered a statement clutch? Well if you haven’t you should. Chicastic has plenty of eye catching clutches that would make a great statement piece and our collection of metallic glitter fold over envelope clutch from the Chic and Glamorous Collection is the perfect example.  Varying in colors from blue, to black, bronze/brown, gold, and silver, you can achieve effortless, yet eye catching style at an affordable price. Shop this latest addition to our collection now and look out for new merchandise coming soon!

Halloween Costume Ideas for the Ladies

Halloween is the only time of the year when you can dress up wildly without a care in the world! So Chicastic has some great Halloween Costume Ideas for you this year. Incorporate these corsets and clutch bags in your outfit and go have some fun!

Idea #1 – Leopard Print Corset With a Grey Knuckle Duster Clutch Purse and Cat Ear Headband. You can wear this a black pencil skirt and high heels.

Idea #2 – Red Satin & Lace Corset With Gold Hard Box Clutch and Devil Ear Headband. This can be styled with dark wash jeans and heels.

Idea #3 – Black Satin Corset With Royal Blue Crystal Hard Clutch and Batman Inspired Mask. This would look perfect with black leather pants or a skirt and black pumps.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Bachelorette Party Favor Ideas

Bachelorette parties are a great way for the bride to have one last big blow out before her big day. Traditionally, the maid of honor is the one who take care of the details such as securing the venue, sending the invitations, gathering the party favors and making sure the bride has a great time. In addition to these duties, the maid of honor may also put together party favors and gifts for the guests. The bridesmaids are not the only ones who may attend the party. Other close family members, friends and selected guests may be part of the festivities. Finding the perfect gift may be a challenge because this occasion usually falls between the bridal shower and wedding.  Here are a few ideas for party gifts for all guests!

Fashion Jewelry in the color scheme of the wedding is a good choice. Not all the jewelry has to be the same style. For instance, earrings of different lengths but in the same color palette and boxed in the bride’s favorite color will work wonderfully as a bachelorette party favor.  Consider bangle sets for women without pierced ears. Bubble necklaces with brightly hued beads will also fit the bill. For those women with more subdued tastes, a simple pendant will do nicely.

Personalized items are always a winning idea. For younger guests who are of drinking age, an engraved champagne flute with their initials on it is something useful and classy. Monogrammed flasks are an edgier alternative. Guests who do not drink or who would prefer a more useful item, a wallet in their favorite shade with a personalized note from the bride is a special gift.

If you are not familiar with all of the bachelorette party guests, a foolproof gift is a soft chiffon scarf. These particular accessories are extremely versatile. They can be worn in any season, from the warmth of summer to the frigid temperatures of winter. Even women who do not usually wear scarves will find this gift useful. Aside from the traditional way or wearing them, they can be tied on their handbags for a fun look, use them to tie their hair back, or even around their waist as a belt. The possibilities are endless.

Clutch bags to match their wedding day outfits make great gifts too!

Finding the perfect bachelorette party favors can be tricky. The key is to find a gift that is practical, versatile, and appropriate for the occasion.  What other bachelorette party favors would you add to this list? For some great ideas for gifts visit Chicastic now!

perfect bridesmaid gifts

How To Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

Congratulations for finally choosing the gown for your special day. This occasion calls for the perfect accessories to make sure you look your best as you walk down the aisle. Though planning for this day can be exhausting, shopping for items to accessorize your look is one of the most fun aspects of weddings. Accessories are a way for the bride to incorporate her personality into her look. Here a few ideas to make sure you have everything you need to complete you ensemble.

  1. Shoes – Every woman loves to shop for shoes! With the endless multitude of styles to choose from, the right pair is out there waiting. Some brides like to stay traditional and match their shoe to their dress. Others like to incorporate a shoe in a soft shade of blue as their “something blue” for the day. Many brides like to match their bridesmaids by choosing a shoe in the color of their attendants’ dresses. And other brides like to go the non-traditional route and pick a wild style like animal print heels, sneakers, or even flip flops. The choice is yours! Make sure you break your wedding shoes in by wearing them around the house. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable walking down the aisle. Another option is to have a second pair of flats to wear towards the end of the night.
  2. Jewelry – Based on the intricacy and detail of your dress, your jewelry should be the opposite. Keep the accessories simple if your dress is very detailed. Ball gowns, full lace, extreme beading and alternative style dresses should be accessorized simply. Otherwise, the bride may come off looking tacky, and that is the last thing we want. Dresses that are more straightforward and plain can benefit from flashier pieces of jewelry such as a statement necklace, detailed cuff, or long dangling earrings. Balance is the key to everything.
  3. Veils – A veil is a very traditional bridal custom. Some modern brides choose not to wear them. A fascinator with a small face veil will bring this tradition up to date for those women who want a more up to date look. If one decides to wear a longer one, there is always the option of removing it for the reception.
  4. Something Old – Add an heirloom piece for a sentimental touch. For instance, wear your grandmother’s ring hanging on a chain around your neck. Or pin a brooch to the ribbons that tie your bouquet together. Even an earring that lost its pair can be incorporated this way.
  5. Bridal Clutch Purse – Add a Something Blue Clutch Purse as your something blue for the wedding. If you already decided on something else for your blue, a white bridal clutch or silver evening bag would be perfect accessories for your wedding day.

Creating your wedding day ensemble should be fun and personalized! Accept constructive ideas but do not let other people tell you what to wear. This day belongs to you. Come to Chicastic now to make your wedding day outfit the perfect one ever!

Wedding accessories