Wedding Wednesday- Good Luck Charms

Wedding Charms

Sometimes the classic rhyme “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” can be a stressful last minute rush to fulfill. These items are supposed to be good luck charms, not something to panic about. But once you have your … Continue reading

Wedding Wednesday- Rings for Your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid Rings

Bridesmaids are some of the most amazing people in your life. But once you’ve chosen them, you’ve got a few questions to answer. Like what color should they wear? What should the dress look like? Does everyone need matching heels? … Continue reading

Cocktail Rings

Jewelry can do a lot more for an outfit than you may think. Cocktail jewelry works great for formal events but can be used for nights out as well as for the workplace.

Jewelry should be fun. Being able to mix and match pieces and create different looks is part of all the fun. While some sets work best when complete and worn together, mixing and matching pieces, whether they be jewelry or clothing, really maximizes your wardrobe beyond imagination. Wearing a different set of accessories with the same dress can create two completely different looks and it does not require you to spend any extra money. While an initial investment in a variety of clothing and accessories is vital, what is most important is each pieces ability to adapt to other pieces. This increases their inherent value ten fold. Cocktail jewelry is great when it comes to accessories. They can be worn with simply silver jewelry, bold statement pieces, or even by themselves.

Cocktail rings tend to be big and bold and work best with minimal jewelry. This doesn’t mean they can’t be worn with anything else, however. As stated before, cocktail rings can be worn with simple jewelry or other bold pieces. This mostly goes for necklaces. A cocktail ring is basically a statement necklace for your hands. Wearing one goes a long way, and considering their size, it is best to not wear it with other rings or even a bracelet. This ring, though it seems small on its own, goes a long way. Wearing one with a necklace, whether simple or bold, is perfect. Since the necklace and ring are far apart from one another, they can balance each other out if desired.

These accessories can also be versatile. A bright or fun cocktail ring is great for daytime wear, whether you’re headed to a big company lunch, an engagement party, or any other activity that takes place later in the day. Rings with color or with more daring shapes and designs work best for these kinds of occasions. Use one of these rings to brighten up your outfit and add some fun and flare to your look. If you’re headed to a more somber or formal event in the evening, then simpler, sleeker cocktail jewelry is a safer bet. Ones with a more minimalist design are adaptable but no less impressive. These rings are a bit more classic and timeless and can be made to match any elegant look.

No matter where you’re headed, one of these cocktail rings is sure to fit your needs while adding a bit of that Old Hollywood glamour to your look. Whether you opt for daytime fun or evening classic, one of these pieces is sure to flatter your fingers. Find the right ring for you at Chicastic.

Cocktail Rings

How To Accessorize Any Outfit


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Holiday Stocking Stuffers For Women

With the holiday’s right around the corner, there is no better time than now to get a head start on your gift shopping. We all know how stressful it can be to find the perfect gift for someone, especially the woman in your life whether its a friend, significant other, or a family member. Chicastic is here to help you make it a bit easier with are wide selection of handbags along with our scarves and jewelry that make for great stocking stuffers. From our soft pashmina’s to our warm infinity scarves, and are uniquely beautiful jewelry pieces, there is a style that fits every woman taste and needs. Check out our Holiday Gifts section today to explore our favorite holiday picks this season.

Perfect Sterling Silver Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are synonymous with bold fashion statements. It used to be that only older women wore cocktail rings. This is because the cocktail ring came about when the older women of today were young, wild and law breaking citizens during the Prohibition. Frequenting illegal “cocktail parties,” these women donned fashion choices ahead of their time.

Cocktail rings are usually heavier, chunkier pieces. They often have a big focal stone and are a great option for those women with larger hands. These rings are considered more ‘playful’ than your traditional rings. Though these rings are made from precious stones like diamonds and emeralds, they are also made of less expensive materials like cubic zirconia and crystals, making it more affordable to own a statement piece. Jewelry designers combine various shapes, stones, and cuts to create dazzlingly unique pieces that are sure to catch your eye. Unlike regular everyday rings, these have extra tall or wide settings.

When looking for a cocktail ring, consider purchasing one with one focal stone accented by others surrounding it. Choose a tastefully sized cubic zirconia. Anything too large will look cheap. For a more sophisticated look, lean towards darker crystals because they tend to look richer than lighter colored stones.

The different settings that jewelers use for cocktail rings may influence the style that you purchase. Prong settings are most common, holding each stone individually. Mounds, domes and starbursts are created with prongs. Bezels are little cups that hold a stone in place. These are more contemporary settings and are used to set larger stones apart from others in the designs. Channel settings are used to create linear designs. Stones are placed between two metal strips that hold them in place. Pave settings are used for very small stones, holding them very close together. The effect is much like paved stones on a road.

These types of rings are very versatile and can go with many outfits. Adding a cocktail ring instantly increases the sophistication factor. They are usually worn on the index or the ring finger. When choosing a ring, consider your lifestyle and budget. While gold may be a dream for a lot of women, it is usually too expensive for most. Stainless steel, titanium and sterling silver rings are durable, shiny and affordable.

Cocktail rings are not only a fashion statement, but they are artful expressions of the designer. Because they are larger than the average ring, they are like canvases upon which to place precious stones or crystals. For a very beautiful selection of cocktail rings visit Chicastic now!

Sterling Silver rings

Sterling Silver rings

Wine Red Knuckle Duster Evening Clutch

Chicastic’s wine red minaudiere rhinestone studded cocktail clutch is rich in color and style without you having to break the bank to get it. It is a clutch that says class and sophistication for any upcoming cocktail event and the deep hue is perfect for this season. The one ring knuckle duster clutch gives you a great way to switch up the way you wear it; you can clutch it as you would normally do with a clutch, wear it with the chain string, or wear it on your ring finger. A clutch like this gives you complete style with a bold statement so get yours at Chicastic now while you can. While you shop remember to use the promo code CHIC10 for a 10% discount off your final purchase.

Black & White Rhinestone Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse

You are all set for your weekend outing or an evening party and got your dress all ready and decided. Add a bit of spice to your looks with this sexy clutch purse at Chicastic. Take a look at our casual and party style clutch bags and we are sure our collection will blow you and take you by surprise. The rhinestones on this crystal box clutch purse will shine like a moon.

Black & White Rhinestone Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse

Black & White Rhinestone Crystal Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse

Cocktail Party Accessories at Chicastic

It’s not just the last long weekend of summer but also the last long weekend of lovely weather and also the last one before school year starts again. As soon as fall arrives we will all get busy with school, work and not much weekend excitement like the summers. But I guess party season should never end, even if it’s time to go back to school and work! Now is the time for all of us going back to school or college to stock up on party accessories, not just for the parties during the long weekend but also during the school year. You need to be fashion forward and have all your fashion accessories ready much before your friends do.

One of the most essential cocktail party accessories is a black clutch purse. Black clutches are most common because black being such a universal color goes with all colors and all occasions. Also, since most women like to wear their little black dresses for cocktail parties, black and silver accessories are the best to match with them. A black clutch purse is almost like a wardrobe essential in any woman’s closet with even the slightest bit of a social life. Black clutch purses specially embellished with crystals and rhinestones are very delicate looking and enhance the beauty of any cocktail outfit.

Along with a black clutch purse another accessory that is a must have for a cocktail party is a long waterfall necklace. Long statement necklaces look elegant and royal along with giving a brand new look to the little black dress you have worn to a party before. Black looks great with gold and silver both, so you choose a necklace in either metal tone, depending on the metal tone of the other accessories that you have on or may be to match the embellishment from your dress.

To complete a cocktail party outfit you definitely need a cocktail ring. Cocktail rings made mostly of sterling silver embellished with clear or colored rhinestones when worn in the hand that you hold your cocktail with just makes the cocktail glass look more attractive. A beautiful cocktail ring will surely have a lot of women envying you at any cocktail party. There are many different types of cocktail rings available online these days, you just have to find something that suits your taste and matches the occasion you are dressing up for.

Chicastic is a great place to find a cocktail clutch purse and other cocktail accessories such as waterfall statement necklace or sterling silver cocktail rings.

Cocktail Clutch Purse and Cocktail Accessories

High Fashion Look For Less At Chicastic

Looking for the perfect silver cocktail ring that has the upscale look at a low price? Well, Chicastic is here to show you that once again, we’ve have the perfect ring for you. Our sterling silver cocktail ring is nearly identical to this diamond and silver cocktail ring by David Yurman. This piece will have people doing double takes at your ring finger and its breathtaking design will leave you speechless. Take a look for yourself to see the resemblance and get your hands on our version of this ring today!

Look For Less- Silver Rings

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