Peacock Purses

Peacocks are beautiful birds and they inspire fabulous clutch purses!

A design influenced by peacocks usually means it’s colored in vibrant blues, golds, and greens.  A perfect example is this sequined peacock knuckle duster clutch in green.  These classic peacock colors aren’t your only option.  As long as the eye of the feather is maintained, the overall color of the bag can be changed and still clearly show the inspiration.  Try it in fuchsia, gold, purple or silver to mix it up a little.

Coloring isn’t the only way to get a peacock look though.  The shape of this bird is very elegant (especially when it’s studded with rhinestones).  If you want just a little bling, try the suede rhinestone stud peacock cocktail clutch.  It comes in red, fuchsia, purple, blue, and black.

Need a little more sparkle?  Try the mesh rhinestone peacock hard box clutch.  It comes in royal blue, but also sophisticated neutrals of gold, silver, black, and white.

And if you have the attitude that there can never be too many rhinestones, then the crystal stud peacock motif hard box clutch is the right choice for you.  It comes in black, gold, and silver.

Find the perfect peacock purse for you at Chicastic and get ready for compliments.Peacock Purses

Canvas Totes

Just picture it.  Warm day.  Cool breeze.  Relaxing in your beach chair with a book in hand.  Sounds great right now doesn’t it?

Be prepared for the fantastic weather that’s ahead with a fun colored canvas bag.  They are a great size to fit your day in the sun essentials like your SPF 30 sunblock and they come in a variety of patterns and bright colors.

The green and blue striped canvas tote has great features like a zipper pocket for your cash and a slip pocket for your phone.  It’s rope handle adds a cute nautical touch.

If you’re looking for even more color, the multi color striped canvas tote is a good match with it’s stripes of bright red, yellow, and blue that pop off its black base color.

Need a tote that can transition more seamlessly from a beach day to a lunch date?  The multi color striped canvas and crochet lace handbag is classy casual with its beautiful lace design at the top and it’s delicate colorful stripes at the bottom.  If you’re looking for a more simple design, try the red striped canvas tote.

Find the right one for you at Chicastic!


Basket Weave Clutch Purse

Clutches are great bags that make a statement. Match the Springtime and break out this basket weave pattern this season.

Spring calls for many things, and one exciting thing it beckons is a wardrobe change. While some pieces or accessories can be used all year round depending on how you use them, there are some colors, patterns, and materials that are more suited to certain months more than others. Velvet for instance is more appropriate for late fall and all throughout the winter, it would be far too warm to wear in summer and does not quite match the overall feel of springtime. Basket weave patterns and materials are often used in spring or summer. This style hearkens the feeling of tropical locales, the promise of warmer weather, and can even evoke images of the beach. Make a statement this season with a basket weave clutch that will help welcome spring and bring you well into summer.

Now that the weather is warmer, patterns and materials like this are more common. They can be found in hats and even various styled handbags like hobos, totes or cross bodies. The variety of styles allows for it to be used however you see fit, and a clutch purse always adds a bit of class that, say, a tote will not necessarily evoke. You can still sport a bit of summer while looking fabulous and formal, or you can wear it out on a casual coffee date and still make a spring or summer statement.

Clutch handbags are perfect for making a statement. They are small and sleek and are just as much an accessory as jewelry is. This particular style can evoke a more casual feel while still retaining the same elegant aura that a clutch always resonates. In this case, it can work well in both spheres. Bring it along for a lunch date or even a night out. While the material alone has a certain beachy feel, you can still play around with color. A traditional basket weave is undyed, and appears beige or brown. This style is perhaps more casual than others, but even dyed clutches can make a great accent piece. Red is a sure fire bold fashion staple and would work well, especially for a clutch. Even alternating colors in the weave itself can create interesting and unique patterns, lending a true statement quality to this bag. Color and style will determine whether this accessory is more formal or casual, but can still lay anywhere in between.

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Red Faux Patent Leather Clutch Bag

I’ve never seen a red crocodile, but I’m sure glad this purse exists!  Sometimes an outfit needs a little oomph and this red faux patent leather clutch does just that.

The texture.  The color.  The clutch style.  It all works perfectly together.  And it’s faux patent leather so it’s guilt free!

This clutch is stylish and commands attention.  It can spice up an outfit in an instant.  Wear it with a little black dress.  Wear it with jeans and heels.  Just wear it!

If red is a little too bold for you, try it in white or black.  It still has the texture and great style, but is a bit more sleek and sophisticated.  White or black would also allow you to pair it with more ensembles, and that’s always a good thing.

You can purchase all the colors at ChicasticRed Faux Patent Leather Clutch Bag.

Suede Peacock Motif Cocktail Clutch Bag

You would love the feel of this clutch and that is not just an advertising strategy, but our promise. The suede clutch bag is as soft as silk. The velvety feel of the clutch and the smooth texture is great. Embellished rhinestones with the peacock motif add glamor to it. Available in red, black, purple, pink, and blue this is great for any wedding or an evening cocktail or dinner party. You can definitely find a color to match your dress. This unique style is bound to get you a great deal of attention, so hurry and get onto Chicastic to make one yours.

Black Suede Peacock Motif Cocktail Clutch

Prom Clutch Purses

Which one would you choose for your prom this year? This is the day every girl looks forward to in the early years of their fashion life. The day they will wear their best dress with the perfect accessories and charm their biggest crush! No prom outfit would be complete without a clutch purse, so check out these prom clutch purses at Chicastic to match with your dress, or contrast it. Now is the time to start working on your prom dress and its accessories so there is no last minute rush or compromises, which is the last thing you need on your prom night! Wine Red Clutch Purse

Deep Red Crystal Oval Cocktail Clutch Purse

Recently clutch purses have become a wardrobe essential that every woman must have in their closet. This deep red crystal clutch purse is a piece of beauty, embellished with crystal rhinestones all over, with a tassel hanging on the side, it’s for the royalties. And by royalty I mean the royalty in you. As we believe at Chicastic every woman deserves a little bit of luxury on an every day basis, this clutch purse just does it right. Dress it up with your Little Black Dress or dress down with a pair of skinny jeans and a black sweater top, it will be perfect with anything you choose to wear. So buy now!

Wine Red Crystal Oval Clutch Purse

How to wear Red with the right accessories

Red is the ultimate classic color. Aside from black and white, it is the most iconic color in fashion since the dawn of dyed clothing and goes back for centuries. Even though red hasn’t completely shed the meanings associated with its historical past, it is still one of the most bold and meaningful colors in fashion, but does that mean that it’s right for you?

First of all, determining compatibility clothing or accessories requires taking a look at your skin tone. Red comes in various shades and they all look best with differing skin tones. Darker skin tones tend to look best with brighter, bolder reds while paler skin tones look best with toned down or dark shades of red. Hair color also has some play in what shade looks best on you, but beyond skin tone it also relies on pure preference.

Do you personally look how you look in red? Or are you more ambivalent as to how it looks on you or suits your style? If you’re unsure or not keen on wearing much of the shade when it comes to clothing, you don’t have to eliminate it from your wardrobe entirely. Accessories and accents are great ways to incorporate any new color, print or related trend into an ensemble. A statement bag or necklace can add a little oomph to any outfit without being overwhelming. Even if you are already a big fan of the trend, it always makes a great bold accent color. If you’re wearing a neutral or plain outfit, red accents, no matter the shade, can add some bold color to your look. A red scarf can jazz up any cute tee and jeans ensemble and make it look anything other than ordinary.

And don’t forget the power of prints. Prints and patterns can allow you to incorporate new shades and tones in small doses along with other colors that might suit you and your skin tone better, or perhaps even your personal preferences. Find a pattern that features red as a bold accent along with neutrals or complimentary colors that you already wear often so it can better match your already existing wardrobe. Just like finding which trends or accessories work best for you, have fun and experiment. Don’t be afraid to test other shades or tones if a certain one does not seem to suit you or your style. Chicastic has a great variety of red fashion accessories and also offer free shipping, so buy now!

Wearing The Right Accessories With The Red Dress

Corsets for your valentine

Corsets are a hot vintage item and suit the upcoming Valentine’s Day season. Vintage is totally in right now, whether you’re rocking a truly vintage find or an inspired piece. No matter what the era, nostalgia always has a romantic flare to it and corsets are no exception. They can be flirty or feisty depending on how you wear them, and will suit just about anyone now that the most romantic holiday of the year is upon us.

Corsets are more versatile than most people may give them credit for. Depending on the type of corset, color, fabric, and even what it is worn with, this vintage item can be worn in so many ways and can be manipulated to meet any Valentine’s Day agenda. What initially comes to mind are outfits that may consist of nothing but a corset, and this of course is a great gift if you are planning on a special night of alone time with your Valentine. There’s a cut and color for every personality; there are dainty, light colored or floral print corsets for a fun and flirty date or there are more bold pieces featuring deep, sultry colors and lots of lace. But don’t go thinking that corsets are only to be worn behind closed doors. These classic romantic pieces can be worn with slimming jeans if your girl is more of a rocker chick, or can be worn over a long-sleeved shirt or even a basic tee for a more casual and comfortable look.

And corsets don’t just belong to the fashion territory of yesteryear. As certain vintage pieces re-enter the fashion scene, their initial styles are also reinterpreted to appeal to a more modern audience. While having a classic piece is always great, the look doesn’t suit everyone and perhaps doesn’t match everyone’s tastes. If you’re shopping for a more modern girl, there are modern options. A simpler, sleeker corset in perhaps leather, faux leather or other smooth material may be more her style, mixing classic with contemporary. These old-fashioned pieces can also be paired with a fitted blazer and slimming pant for a more modern feel, and are perfect for a date night to boot!

The possibilities are endless. Just like any fashion piece or accessory, there is bound to be one in style for just about everyone. No matter what her style or personal preference, the corset remains a romantic fashion icon, and makes the perfect gift for the passionate holiday season. Chicastic has a ton of beautiful corsets, so get her measurements and find her a lovely corset for Valentine’s day.

Corsets for your valentine