Wedding Night Corsets

Wedding Night Corsets

Planning your dress and accessories for your wedding day can be stressful. Planning your outfit for your wedding night doesn’t have to be. Corsets are a great choice for your wedding night. They flatter your figure, come in a variety … Continue reading

Superhero Inspired Outfits

Superheros are pretty popular right now. From Captain America and Iron Man to Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Why not have a little fun with your wardrobe and add a little superhero into it? You can get inspiration for your outfit by using the colors of your favorite character, their symbol, or their style.

Using the colors of their uniform is the easiest way to build your outfit. If the superhero’s costume has certain colors in certain places, then try to follow that as well.  For example, Wonder Woman wears red and gold on top and blue with white stars on the bottom. Your outfit can be a red shirt with a gold necklace and a blue skirt or pant. Don’t get too focused on the details, like wearing blue shorts with white stars because it will start to look like you’re wearing a costume too.

Another option for your look is using the superhero’s symbol. This can be tricky because if you don’t do it right you’ll look juvenile. Pair a structured blazer with a tee shirt that has the symbol of your favorite character. Use other accessories to keep the look sophisticated, like a slim clutch and flats. You can also use the symbol in small doses like as a small ring or silver bracelet with only the symbol in color. Just keep your other jewelry simple and timeless.

The last option is to dress in the style of your superhero. This can mean the time period that they’re from, such as Captain America can lead to a forties inspired look.  Or dressing in the style of your superhero can mean wearing something that mimics their costume. A lot of comic book characters wear items that look structured and like they’d protect them in battle. Try wearing a slim leather jacket or a corset top to get this same type of feel. However, don’t pair this look with knee high boots and a short skirt unless it’s Halloween. Try a slim pair of pants with mid calf boots to get that ready for battle look.

Whatever route you take, Chicastic has great accessories and corsets to help you achieve the look you want.


Super Hero

July 4th Outfits

Red, White, and Blue Accessories

July 4th is just two days away. Do you know what you’ll be wearing to celebrate in yet? It’s always fun to have an event to look forward to. Not only is it exciting to look forward to the occasion … Continue reading

Accessorize For the World Cup

World Cup Accessories

The World Cup has taken over televisions everywhere. Whether your country is still in it, you picked a new team because yours was knocked out, or you just want to jump on the World Cup bandwagon, it’s time to dress … Continue reading

When to Wear the Multi-Color Striped Canvas and Crochet Lace Tote Handbag

Multi Color Striped Canvas & Crochet Lace Tote Handbag

We all want a tote that we can use for special outings. Try this fun multicolor tote on your next day trip. With every season comes a slew of handbags that are best for the weather and the ambiance. And … Continue reading

Polka Dot Scarves

Polka Dot Scarves

Add some practical color to your spring wardrobe with a polka dot printed scarf. Any of these color combos are sure to add some oomph to your look. Step into spring with new accessories, prints and colors. This season is … Continue reading

One Ring Knuckle Duster

Having some set items for special occasions can come in handy. Here is a versatile formal clutch to save for those extra fancy events.

It is always useful to have some set parts of your wardrobe for specific things. Some things every closet should have are a little black dress, a universal interview outfit, and a few other staple pieces to keep your wardrobe fully stocked and at the ready no matter what. It is always smart to have some fancy things on hand. Even if you do not attend formal events very often, it is good to save pieces from past events to use in the future in the event that the occasion arises. One accessory fits that category and that is the elegant clutch. The clutch is the perfect handbag for more upscale events, and this one ring knuckle duster does the trick.

This elegant piece makes a classic statement. On it’s own, it is very bold and eye-catching, using large gold and rhinestone insets over a loud statement color. These primary-leaning jewel tones add a touch of old world elegance that is found in regalia and is reminiscent of royalty. Because this statement clutch is so bold on its own, it goes best with basics and more subtle dresses or pantsuits. For instance, a knuckle duster in any of these shades would go wonderfully with a little black dress. Its motif can be implemented simply by using other accent pieces that are the same shade as the bag, such as matching shoes and jewels or colored jewelry with the clutch itself.

You can also go with using the bag’s color to inspire a theme for your look. Wearing other blues in the same family as the blue used in the bag you can create an interesting, somewhat matching look that doesn’t look too matchy-matchy but is still well coordinated and complete. Accessorize with simple gold jewelry that only adds a hint of shimmer with some rhinestone or diamond earrings to balance the look. Alternatively, you can use the color of the bag as a means of offset. Pair this clutch with a dress in a complementary color to that used in the knuckle duster you choose. You can go with the option above of using it to accent a little black dress, but this clutch would stand out just as well against most other neutrals, especially whites or beiges. It all depends on the look you wish to achieve and the level of glam you’re going for. No matter what, it is always vital to have a staple formal bag on hand because you never know when you might need one in a pinch.

Find this great one ring knuckle duster clutch in a variety of colors at Chicastic.

One Ring Knuckle Duster

Red Hot Fashion Accessories

Red can be flirty, feisty, sophisticated or casual.

You can make your whole outfit in this great color, matching everything from your dress to your shoes to your purse.  Or you can add it as a small pop of color to your neutral outfit.  Try a corset in this color for an extra sexy touch or spice up a work outfit with a red patterned pencil skirt.  You can also get your red fix from great accessories.  Try some red earrings or a bracelet, or a bag such as a clutch, cross body purse, or crocheted tote.

Find the perfect red accessories for you at Chicastic.

How to Style a Unique Prom Dress

Prom is an important event, marking the end of high school. Go out with a unique bang by sporting a dress with a bold print.

Graduating high school is a big deal. It is one of the first major milestones teens experience especially in terms of accomplishment. Arguably, prom is considered one of the most important aspects of high school and is sometimes teens’ first formal event. Why not go out with a bang, right? Suiting up for prom can take all year for those who are really dedicated to looking their absolute best, finding the absolute perfect dress. If you’re looking to add some oomph to your high school finale, consider wearing bold patterns and prints when it comes to dresses and accessories. Some prints are trendy while others can be timeless, it all depends on how you want to go out.

It does not matter whether you choose to go modern, retro, or timeless, but a dress with a print is always unique. Animal print always makes a statement, whether it is featured on your prom dress or simply incorporated into your accessories. Leopard print can look both modern and Old Hollywood depending on how you wear it. Pairing it with sleek fabrics and monochromatic accessories that are black enamel or chrome can give you a more modern, edgier look. Wearing it with classic deep reds and creams can give you more of a retro, vintage vibe that hearkens to a more timeless sense of individuality. You always have the option of accessorizing as well. If you want to jazz up a simpler dress, simply add animal print fashion accessories, think clutch and shoes, or maybe even jewelry.

Other patterns can land in either trendy or timeless categories, and both can be just as bold and distinctive. Using bright statement colors, like orchid, red, cobalt blue, emerald green etc. work just as well and can similarly be accessorized using patterned handbags, shoes or jewelry. But when it comes to accessorizing a unique ensemble, it does well to be subtle. Choosing one or two bold aspects is enough to set you apart, but being more eye catching than you’d like. If you choose a dress that features a bold print, pattern or fabric, then using plainer or more timeless accessories to accent them will allow your dress to shine. If you have a more basic dress that is dyed a bold color, you can still add more oomph with patterned or printed accessories that match or offset the shade you’re wearing. When it comes to sporting a bold look, balance is key and can help your outfit truly shine.

Find the perfect accessories for your dress at Chicastic.

Bold Prom Options


Styling a Silver Prom Dress

Silver is a timeless and versatile color, and works wonderfully for prom. Here are some ways to have fun and make the most out of your sterling prom look.

Silver is always a classic go-to prom dress color that is never overplayed. It’s dual purpose and perfect. Silver is essentially a neutral but is incredibly dynamic due to its metallic sheen and luster. This color is never boring and is sure to turn heads while remaining timeless and classic. The great thing about a silver prom dress is its utter versatility. Because it is essentially a neutral, it gives you an open playing field when it comes to accessorizing and accenting your look.

Since there are so many options when it comes to accessorizing, it would be best to decide on one theme, color, pattern, or overall look, and stick with it. A mismatch of accessories and accents can look like a mess and can ultimately detract from your dress, which is the main focus of your prom ensemble. When it comes to choosing accessories, jewelry, shoes, etc. you must first work with what style dress you have. A simple evening gown can work with just about anything, as well as a simple, A-line cocktail dress, but if your piece features textures, patterns, other material, embellishments or adheres to a specific style such as a specifically retro look, then its best to look at these aspects and start from there.

If you have a simpler dress, then there is more room for you to be experimental and creative with your jewelry and choice of shoe. If you want to go bold, choosing a bright or strong statement color can be the way to go. Darker, richer shades go best with silver since it is already a light color and will offset nicely. Consider colors like red, burgundy, a deep orchid, rich navy blues or emerald greens. You can also add additional pieces such as a shawl or shrug in the color of your choice to further add depth and dimension to your prom ensemble. But it’s always best to keep it simple. If you’re going with a color theme, one or two accent colors will do. The metallic nature of the silver is already pretty busy so one color accent will do just fine.

If your dress is more embellished, uses multiple fabrics and intricate designs, then simpler jewelry will work better for you. Pearls or simple gem stones, or even basic silver or gold necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. will work wonderfully. If you want to have a little more fun, then choosing only one accessory can go a long way, such as choosing a single statement necklace. This way, you can still have fun accessorizing without detracting from your prom dress. If it has a specific style, such as that of a 20′s flapper, then appropriately vintage accessories will do wonderfully, or if it is more rocker chic then items utilizing more silver metal like spikes and studs will help enhance your prom look.

Find the perfect accessories for your silver dress at Chicastic.

Silver Prom Dress Accessories