What to Wear on a First Date

First dates are all about making lasting and meaningful impressions. Impress your date and look your best while still staying true to yourself.

First dates are fun but can also be nerve wracking. One of the most stressful parts is figuring out what in the world you might want to wear. First dates are a launching pad for first impressions. Even if you have known the person for a while, the setting and atmosphere of calling it a “date” make room for getting to know one another in a totally different light than before. And while you want to make a good lasting impression, it is also important to remember to stay comfortable!

Your initial date with a person should be stress-free. It should be about comfortably getting to know one another, opening up, and learning about one another. While what you wear on your first date will depend on where your first date happens to be, make sure to be yourself! You don’t want to give off the wrong impression. But at the same time, a first date allows you to reinvent yourself a bit so don’t be afraid to have fun!

If you’re going out for a casual coffee or lunch date, then a glammed up casual outfit will work best. Since the locale is more laid back, you can wear your favorite day-to-day outfit and add some bold accessories to dress it up a little for the occasion. Feel free to dress up a casual v-neck tee with a flowy skirt and a chiffon scarf. You can also wear it with a printed or colored skinny jean, an eye-catching statement necklace and flats. This way, you’ll look great wearing something comfortable that shows off your personal style, and you’ll still look glamorous.

But what if you’re going out to a fancy dinner, or perhaps to a club or some other event? A little black dress goes a long way for just these sorts of occasions. They can be paired with a unique studded clutch or beaded coinpurse along with a full set of cocktail jewelry. You can dress up this look with your accessories and shoes, though try to pick things a little more on the comfier side because you won’t want to divert your attention from your date to your aching feet!

While you may want to pull out all the stops for a first date and use every trick in the book, the most important thing you should remember is to make sure you’re comfortable. Sure, you want to look great, and you totally can! But first dates are about getting to know one another in a more personal setting and you want to be able to devote your attention to your date, not worried that your dress will ride up or that your heels are killing you.

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Spring Essentials

Revamp your winter wardrobe with some spring essentials. With these pieces, you’ll be ready to handle whatever weather the spring brings.

Spring is finally here! While it may not yet feel like it has fully arrived, much of the spring season will be defined by temperamental weather that can’t seem to make up its mind. Some days will feel like hints of summer and others may feel like a backtrack through winter, so be sure to stock up on some spring essentials to make sure you are ready for absolutely anything!

Scarves are absolutely essential to spring. They come in handy in a pinch, are lightweight, add texture to outfits, and they can be worn in more ways than you can wear every day in a week (or even a month if you’re feeling ambitious). These handy accessories come in so many colors, prints, fabrics and styles that it is always worth it to have at least a few in varying looks. That way, you’ll always have a scarf for any occasion. Need a scarf for work? A silk scarf looks chic and still does the job. Need one for a casual day out? A pastel chiffon scarf can be worn with practically any outfit. What about one that adds that oomph to a basic outfit? How about one with a floral, paisley or animal print? These accessories are so versatile and practical, it’s hard to go through any season without one.

Pastels. What sorts of pastels? Any kind! Spring is also associated with spring cleaning, so if you have any old accessories or pieces of clothing you no longer wear or have fallen out of style that need replacing, then replace them with a new pastel piece. Pinks, yellows, soft greens and blues, purples are all the rage this season. The pantone color of the year is radiant orchid, so perhaps replace your old purse with a new patent leather one sporting this shade. Bold statement necklaces with opaque, pastel colored insets are also popular. If you’re not into jewelry, then clutch purses and scarves (of course) are another suitable option.

Cardigans are also an invaluable essential for the season. Since the weather is rather unpredictable, a cardigan is perfect for layering so that you’re reading for anything. Layering is great for days that may start off and end up chilly but are warm during the day. These handy pieces can be taken on or off easily or worn with heavier or lighter clothing to suit the temperature. With all of these in mind, you’ll be ready to shed your winter wardrobe and step into spring.

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Look Fashionable for Dinner with the Girls

Make looking fashionable with your friends even more fun. Get your girls together and help each other out when getting ready for a night out together.

Going out with the girls is some of the best fun a lady can have. Being surrounded by friends is wonderful and for so many reasons. Looking forward to a night out on the town with the gals can even be fun before you leave the house! Since you’ll all be hanging out together, you’re more than likely to be dishing out info on what you’re planning on wearing or complaining that you just don’t know what to wear! While you as friends are in one boat or the other, being together makes getting ready all the easier.

When girls go out together, they tend to encourage their friends to really dress up, take chances and try experimenting with mixing and matching you may have never thought up alone otherwise. Invite the girls over and have a pre-dinner party where you can exchange your favorite accessories. Borrow a leopard clutch for the night while another friend borrows your pastel patent leather pumps. Having new accessories can make you feel like a whole new woman and the encouragement of others always gives a girl a confidence boost.

The overall style of what you wear depends on where you’re going out to eat, but if you’re with a like minded group of girls, then why not dress your best? We all have outfits or pieces we wish we could wear more often but rarely find the occasion to wear them to. Convince your girls to gather these pieces and you can all wear them together! If you’re in a group of fashionable gals, you won’t feel overdressed in that cute lace cocktail dress you just had to have but had no where to wear it to. Take it up a notch and add a dazzling coin purse clutch and sport a silk scarf. If you’re all dressing up together, you won’t feel alone wearing your Sunday best. Plus you’ll all look and feel great!

And of course, there’s nothing wrong with being casual. If you all decide to go somewhere low-key, the mixing and matching and accessory exchanging is still a viable pre-dinner get together option, but feel free to exchange more casual pieces like chiffon scarves, flats, or cardigans. Try prints you may not own or wouldn’t normally wear and let your gals do the same.

No matter what you do, you are guaranteed to have an absolute blast when you are with your closest comrades. Exchange fashion ideas, tips and even some of your favorite pieces.

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Girls Night Out Accessories

Fashion Can Be Comfortable

Looking in style sometimes means sacrificing comfort, but not always! Know there are always chic options to staying comfy and cozy.

Some of us may think that looking fashionable comes with a lot of sacrifices. While that is sometimes the case, it is not always everyone’s style. Not only that, but you can still look great without having to forego comfort. No matter what your personal preferences, being comfortable is a pretty nice thing for all of us, and while it is totally okay to go all out when it comes to looking great, it isn’t the be all end all for fashion greatness.

There are so many trending looks and styles to choose from, it’s dizzying. Some of us may adhere to a specific look and stick to it, while others do a lot of mixing and matching. No matter what, there are always comfy options out there. When people usually think of making sacrifices in lieu of looking great, they usually think of shoes. Heels and other strappy shoes can really take a toll on your feet. They are usually the go-to shoe when one thinks of dressing up for an event or going to work, but it isn’t your only option out there! Flats and boots are hot ways to look trendy without wearing a heel. These accessories can be dressy just as much as they can be casual and make a good alternative for those who don’t wish to wear heels, wedges, or any other sort of elevated shoe.

Tight, form-fitting clothing can also be a source of discomfort for some as well. Luckily there are loose styles like bohemian that are in fashion, as well as baggy shirts, sweaters, and jeans (often labeled as “the boyfriend jean” or “the boyfriend button down” etc. but are not always so). These looks allow you to wear looser clothing and apply the use of layering comfy pieces to achieve an altogether unique look. There are even some tight-fitting pieces of clothing that are more comfortable than others and can be used as alternatives for more rigid clothing. This would include things such as leggings, or even jeggings. These items look great with oversized sweaters or layered with tees, scarves and cardigans.

There are always fashionable options when it comes to being comfortable. If you ever feel the need to dress up a comfy look, you can always add a few accessories, a statement piece (whether it be jewelry, a necklace, or even a bold shoe or jacket). Feel free to mix and match, but above all make sure you always feel (as well as look!) your best.

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Comfortable Accessories

Pantone Color of the Year

New years bring new trends. Incorporate this new color into your wardrobe repertoire and see how it inspires new looks.

Every year and every season sees to new trends and new styles. The runway introduces us to new ensembles, looks, and introduces us to new ways to wear things. Usually, a color palette emerges with each season, a new set of colors that will define the future fashion trends to come in the following months. The pantone color of 2014 has already been decided: Radiant Orchid. This shade is perfect for spring, which is now officially here, and can easily transition into summer and fall as well.

This color is bold yet soft and pastel at the same time. Purple has always demanded attention and has a certain lingering air of regalia from the times of Romans when they were worn by people of importance and later worn primarily by European monarchs. This color still demands the same admiration today, and this particular shade is both bold as well as demure. The softness of it is perfect for spring. Pastels are great once the weather gets warmer, imitating the emerging flowers in bloom as the earth slowly grows greener. Pastels work great as undertones as well as bold accent colors depending on what other colors they are worn with. They can be used to undertone patterns and compliment like colors, but they can also stand out when worn with paler colors or with neutrals. They add a splash of oomph while remaining soft and supple, and this shade of radiant orchid does just that. It is light while still bringing with it the power of purple. It can stand out more or less depending on what it is paired with, but will always make a statement.

You can try to gather outfit inspiration from this radiant orchid to make your 2014 outfits look equally radiant. One great way to incorporate a trend into your wardrobe is to gather a few pieces that can be mixed and matched. One safe way is to get t-shirts or camisoles in the color to use when layering, that way it can be used as either an accent or a main staple depending on how you wear it. Accessories also work well. Try to snag a light chiffon scarf or a new handbag in this shade to sport now that spring is here. You can also go for the statement route, which may mean finding a statement necklace or perhaps even a versatile blazer in radiant orchid in order to bring it into your other, already existing outfits while still allowing it to stand out and be noticed.

The best thing to do with anything new fashion-wise is to experiment and to mix and match. See what pieces work for you by trying them on in the store and seeing how they mesh with pieces you already own. If you ever feel unsure but are still eager to try something new, always start small and see how you feel. Who knows, you may be influenced to run back out to the store and grab more items in that color!

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Radiant Orchid Clutch

Tube Scarves for Spring

Scarves are practically useful all year round, especially in Spring. Make sure you have an infinity scarf or any kind of warm wrap around to stay prepared for weather change.

Spring is finally here but that does not mean that the cold is completely gone. Even though the warmer weather is more than welcome, it can still be a bit temperamental and is known to change its mind about the temperature throughout any given day. Spring fashion is all about being prepared and tube scarves are more than ready to take up the challenge. Not only do they serve a practical purpose by keeping us warm, but they also look fabulous and still appear chic.

Staying warm can be fashionable and tube scarves are perfect examples of that. These accessories are incredibly versatile, cute, and totally useful. They can be worn in a variety of ways, with various outfits, to different occasions, and keep us toasty and warm to boot. This is especially useful when planning a spring outfit. Planning an ensemble during the springtime months can be confusing and quite a hassle. The morning and evening may be cold, with warmer, breezy afternoons that are mixes of hot and cool. You might not want to wear a heavy coat but you might not want to bare it all either. This is where the tube scarves come in. They are perfect for layering, and are simultaneously lightweight and warming against the cooling spring winds. Choosing one to go along with an outfit cannot go wrong and can only come in handy.

These handy accessories can be worn with practically any outfit and it is always good to have a few of them on hand. Be sure to cover your bases and appeal to your own style. Have some neutrals, some prints or even some bright colors or differing materials. That way, you are sure to have a scarf to match everything, from your outfit to your mood, and especially the weather. Wear one with an over-sized sweater, a tee shirt and jeans, a dress, along with a cardigan, a blazer, practically anything. These lightweight accessories are also easy to remove and stick in a handbag if they get in the way or become too warm. In any case, it is always handy to have one, and it wouldn’t hurt to keep one in your handbag in case the occasion or the weather calls for one. They are always adorable and are just as comfortable. They are incredibly easy to mix and match with and can even be used to inspire entire outfits.

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Spring Scarves

Spring Handbags

With Spring comes a wealth of opportunity. Take advantage of the season by updating your wardrobe and your accessories.

Spring months bring a brightness not just to the weather outside but to our wardrobes as well. The dreary nature of winter is on its way out so the brighter, more colorful world can emerge again. The same goes for fashion. Often winter fashion and accessories consist of metallics, neutrals, jewel-tones and heavy materials. While all of this is appropriate for the weather it’s worn in, it does not match the demeanor that is associated with the spring. Try and jump into spring with some seasonally appropriate handbags.

Color is a major thing you can play with when it comes to bags. While neutrals are perfectly appropriate all year round, pastels and bold, bright colors come out to play once the weather gets warmer. Blacks and grays are still appropriate, but lighter neutrals tend to take the accessory stage come spring and summer. Light beiges, creams and stark whites take over and make way for brighter wardrobe options. If you want to add some color, than by all means choose a bag in a pastel, either blue, green, pink, yellow, whatever suits your liking. Pastels are still understated but have just as much capacity to add color and flare to an ensemble. The pantone color of 2014 is radiant orchid, a light yet bold purple with violet undertones. This makes for a great handbag, and is equally a great way to incorporate a trendy new color to your wardrobe.

Spring also brings with it a new array of bag styles and materials to play around with and mix and match. Wicker or basket weave becomes much more popular as the weather gets warmer, evoking that popular tropical or beach feel. Lighter toned canvas bags, canvas backpacks or cross bodies are also more commonplace, especially those that boast a perfectly springy floral print. Larger bags also become more appropriate once the weather doesn’t bog us down with any number of coats and scarves. Large, over-sized totes are more suited to the spring time and warmer months when we are not burdened with extra layers, and can even carry a light sweater or a scarf if the necessity arises, allowing you to bring any number of other necessities along with you on a day about town.

Make use of these lighter, brighter colors and patterns, as well as more lightweight materials. Have fun and use these spring bag ideas to brighten up your wardrobe.

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Spring Handbags

Accessories From Small Town to Big City Chic

Different looks call for different accessories. Go one way or the other, but always feel free to mix and match.

The quintessential American small town and big city seem like polar opposites, right? While they do differ in ideology and lifestyle, not everything is completely different. Each are known for their overall style and fashion presence, but it never hurt anyone to mix and match, whether you live on a farm, in a major city, or somewhere in between. Each location has a style all their own and you don’t have to choose just one!

Small town fashion is very much down to earth and relaxed. Much like the lifestyle found outside of the bustling city, small town or country fashion usually tends to reflect this lifestyle. Country or bohemian styles can evoke that earthy, laid back feel. Floral prints and paisleys are perfect for this look. Floral prints, whether they are roses, daisies or ivy prints reflect the greenery and nature found in abundance outside of the city. The foliage and wildlife are seen very much in their patterns, whether they happen to be scarves, canvas handbags, vests, or cardigans, these prints are a great addition to any wardrobe. In that same vein, soft, natural colors are also great if you’re going for that country or small town look, especially when paired with distressed or faded denim and leather boots or booties. Soft or light colors, like whites, creams and pastels of any shade are also part of the small town look and work well with earthy tones including greens, browns and deep blues.

City chic is a little more sleek and simple. While patterns and prints work really well with small town, the one major city chic pattern is animal print. Otherwise, the city look uses more sleek textures such as patent leather, shimmery metallics or bold solid colors with matte finishes. This look almost mirrors the buildings of the big city, sleek glass structures with powerful silhouettes. Animal print clutches paired with chunky chains bracelets or necklaces or bold statement pieces go with this look as well. Colors tend to be in basic neutral, such as black or white, and use bold jewel-tones. Clutch purses in patent leather or matte leather go with everything and black is a major staple color, whether you’re choosing a bag, shoe or piece of jewelry.

As with everything, especially with accessories, mixing and matching is always encouraged. Even though accessories may be associated with certain looks, pairing two different genres together is never a bad thing as long as you color coordinate by matching or offsetting.

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How to Travel Light with Multifunctional Accessories

Packing is hard, you never quite know what you’ll want to wear on any given day of a planned trip or vacation. Try to keep it simple to make sure you have an accessory for everything.

Packing is always a difficult and daunting task. Whether you happen to be planning a weekend getaway or even a month long escape, packing is usually the hardest thing to do and often weighs on our minds. We want to make sure we have an outfit to suit every occasion, along with several options just in case something happens or a particular piece doesn’t happen to suit our mood. But no matter what, we do not want to end up packing our entire wardrobes. We want to have options, of course, but we can accomplish this by packing pieces with multiple uses, multiple styles, are versatile, and can adapt to suit any look we happen to be going for.

When it comes to accessories, scarves are one of the most versatile. Whether they are printed, boldly colored, or simply black, white or another neutral, they can be worn with almost any outfit, be worn casually or formally, and can be transfigured into any number of styles. If you’re going away for a weekend, one scarf is enough, and can be worn each day with a different outfit without looking tired and overworn. If you’re going away for a longer period of time, then two may be a good number, one in a solid or neutral color, and another in a bold pattern or print. When it comes to scarves, the way they are worn can transform their effect, and can bring you from casual to formal. A loose infinity style around the neck is more casual and comfortable, while a tight knot at the side of the throat or tied into a shawl, draped over the shoulders gives off the air of elegant sophistication.

Handbags are a little tricky when traveling. You may want to bring a medium-sized handbag, probably in a neutral or a bold pattern that will go with anything such as a leopard print. When you’re traveling, it’s good to have a handbag that can hold a little more than your basic essentials but isn’t too big that it will weigh you down. You’ll want to bring your essentials of course, but depending on where you’re going or what you have planned, you may want to pack some snacks, water, or maybe an extra cardigan and a book. A bag that’s too big will encourage you to fill it to capacity, and if you’re traveling the last thing you want is to feel over-encumbered. A small bag may not leave you with enough room to bring as many things as you need since you’ll be away from home.

Jewelry is a little tricky, but can still be easy to plan and pack. If you have specific pieces that you wish to wear with outfits that you have already packed, then by all means pack them as well. But if you’re unsure of what you might want to wear while you’re away, then it’s best to pack adaptable and timeless pieces. Simple pieces that are simply silver or gold jewelry sets are the best. You can wear any number of matching items, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. depending on how dressed up you wish to feel, and yet each and every set will match whatever it is you’re wearing. Also, you can bring a statement item or two to dress up some more basic outfits you may have packed as well.

The trick with packing is to remain as adaptable as possible. You want everything you bring to have purpose, and multiple ones if necessary. That way, you can pack the least amount of clothes and accessories, but you will have actually packed the power of an entire wardrobe.

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Wardrobe Essentials

The list of “must-haves” is seemingly neverending, but there are some essentials that never quite leave the list.

Every wardrobe needs a few essentials. While your look is always entirely your own and adheres to your particular tastes, there are some basics that everyone should have, and each one can reflect your personality at the same time. These fashionista must-haves will always come handy in a pinch, will definitely be worn on more than one occasion, and can be used for years to come. Not only that, but your choice of style and flourish will make each one entirely your own.

1. A bold bag. A bag is an often overlooked accessory. These pieces are handy as well as fashionable. They don’t just hold your stuff but look good, and make you look good, while doing so. A bold patterned or colored bag is a great addition to any wardrobe. They can dress up or add flare to a basic tee and jeans ensemble and can just as easily be worn on a night out. A small to medium bag is best for this sort of thing, since they are more versatile than oversized bags. Choose a bold color (a jewel-tone, pastel, or even a neutral in an interesting or sleek material) or a pattern (whether multi-colored, geometric, boho, or animal print) that goes with a majority of your clothing. That way, you can whip this bag out for any occasion and look fabulous no matter what.

2. Statement jewelry. Everyone has one major go-to piece that dazzles them up, no matter where they’re going, and just screams “me!”. Statement necklaces are all the rage right now, but other pieces of jewelry can work too, whether it’s an intricate arm cuff or a vintage ring, one statement piece will always leave a personal stamp on whatever you’re wearing.

3. Little black dress. Everyone needs a little black dress! They can be dressed up (especially with a statement piece from item number 2) or dressed down with a flannel shirt or anything you prefer. These dresses can also come in a variety of styles on their own. No little black dress is treated the same, though they all serve the same purpose. Choose a dress in a cut that fits your figure best, and then move on to figure out which textures or adornments suit your personality and general sense of style. A basic dress is always safe, but one with a little more character will go that extra mile to defining your own individual sense of style.

4. Boots. These have become an absolute must for every wardrobe, luckily there are styles, lengths and colors to suit absolutely everyone, and almost encourages that you have more than one pair. You can go for that tough city look with knee-high black boots, or you can opt for the tamer light leather booties with lace inlays. Having one or both is perfectly acceptable, along with any style or color in between. Each and every style of boot goes with just about anything now, even if there is a particular boot for every style as it is. These are great must-haves that are cute as well as comfortable.

5. Scarf. A scarf always comes in handy. Sometimes outfits just seem to be missing something and other times it just happens to be a bit chilly outside. Scarves, especially chiffon scarves, are incredibly versatile. You can be sure to have several in your wardrobe to match any color set or look you want to exhibit. These, like boots, are comfy as well as practical, and can be used to maximize your wardrobe while keeping you a bit warm as well.

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