DIY Flower Fairy

Flower Fairy Halloween Costume


There are an infinite number ways to style a fairy costume using one of Chicastic’s satin corsets! For an island or rainforest themed fairy, replace the shimmering fabric wings with a pair of green vinyl placemats! You can find those at the dollar store or thrift if you know where to look! The flower crown and belt can also be made with silk flowers from the craft store and a glue gun! Pull a pink skirt from your own wardrobe and add a chiffon scarf and a pair of nude shimmering heels to mimic the barefoot look! To carry your necessities, carry one of Chicastic’s rose wrist clutch!

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Chicastic Fully Sequined Mesh Beaded Antique Style Wedding Evening Formal Cocktail Clutch Purse

There is a reason why vintage style is always on trend! The classic designs from the 40’s and 50’s will never go out of style because they were truly created with the woman in mind.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 8.58.51 PM

This Fully Sequined Mesh Beaded Antique Style Wedding Evening Formal Cocktail Clutch Purse from Chicastic is a perfect example of classic and timeless vintage style. Every bead and sequin is painstakingly hand sewn into the fabric. The kiss lock clasp is tight to make sure all your valuables stay in one place. This sequined clutch comes with two chain straps, one short to carry on your arm, and a longer one to wear it as a cross body, keeping you hands free when you need it!

  • Fully Sequined Mesh
  • Comes with 2 interchangable chain straps – 6 inches, 20 inches long.
  • Measures – L – 8 in x H – 6 in x W – 3 in

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DIY Dragon Costume

Orange Dragon Costume


Chicastic’s wide array of corsets in multiple colors is perfect for coordinating group costumes! For an especially unique idea, try coordinating a row of multicolored dragons! Pair one of Chicastic’s satin corsets with a matching snakeskin print wallet for some added detail. Fishnet stockings provide the perfect “scaly” look for your legs. Add a pair of nylon dragon wings spray painted to match your particular dragon color to match and finish with a pair of rhinestone heels! Easy peasy, right?

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Sexy DIY Generic Super Hero Costume

Sexy Generic Super Hero Costume!


We’ve all had the panic of a last minute Halloween costume! Here’s a way to create a last minute no-brand generic sexy super hero costume with pieces from your own closet!

Use your own corset or purchase one here!
Find a pair of boy shorts or use a pair of denim shorts.
A flowing chiffon scarf can act like a cape!
To carry your phone, keys and lipstick, don’t forget this clutch to match!
No super heroine is complete without her spiked heels! Good for kicking the bad guys to the curb!
Finish with a big bold statement necklace and mask!

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Glitter Mesh Hard Box Evening Wedding Clutch Purse With Rhinestone Closure

This Glitter Mesh Hard Box Evening Wedding Clutch Purse With Rhinestone Closure from Chicastic is the perfect addition to your wardrobe!

You may think this clutch is just for formal events, but when worn right, can be the perfect addition to a cute summer outfit! A maxi skirt with a tank, peep toe heels, and gold statement necklace can play off this gorgeous purse beautifully! Despite its small size, it is large enough to hold your iPhone, keys, lipstick and small wallet. It comes with a 22 inch chain strap to keep you hands free when you need to be! Available in 6 gorgeous colors and finished with decked out rhinestone clasp, you’re sure to keep this glittering clutch close by!

  • Measures 6″x4″x2″
  • Chain Strap – 22″ Attached
  • Glitter Material
  • Rhinestone Studded Closure

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DIY “Very Hungry Caterpillar” Costume

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Costume


Why not pay homage to one of your favorite books as a child and dress up as a grown up version of the Very Hungry Caterpillar? Our Emerald Green Corset, Gold Heels and Red clutch provide the base for this costume. Add a cute pair of antenna, leggings and a furry skirt for some detail! If you want to go full caterpillar, just keep eating all night long!

Products used:
Red Chiffon Scarf
Red clutch
Gold Heels
Emerald Green Corset

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DIY Fantasy Halloween Costumes

Mermaid Costume



Mermaids are a very popular costume idea for Halloween. There are an infinite number of ways to customize your mermaid look! Here is a simple idea but you can embellish as much as you like! Chicastic has corsets in many different colors! You can even add a luxurious wig to match! Our clutches are also perfect to carry with you out on the town, and will even MATCH your costume perfectly!


Blue Fairy Halloween Costume



Fairy costumes are also a popular costume idea! Why not indulge in your childhood fantasies and become a fairy for real? Why not put together a group costume with a couple of your closest friends! Chicastic’s corsets are great for creating group themed costumes, and tutu’s are easy to make with matchine tulle! Finish with a glittering pair of heels!

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How To Embellish a Corset for Halloween (EASY)

There are a ton of ways to embellish a corset to create the costume of your dreams! If you are a master seamstress, you can probably embroider or sew on your own appliques or decorations freehand. If you are good at painting or drawing, a little fabric paint will go a long way in making a simple solid colored corset stand out. However, not all of us were born with artistic skill or ability. Here is an EASY way to embellish a corset for Halloween!

Materials needed:

Glue Gun
Fabric pencil
Decorations (in this case, faux flowers, but you can use rhinestones, sequins, etc.)

How to Embellish a Corset


1. Decide where you want your decorations to go. Mark the spots with a washable fabric pencil.
2. Follow the directions on your glue gun to make sure the glue is properly heated and ready to go.
3. If using false flowers, cut the stem off right beneath the bud.
4. Put a dab of glue on the underside of the flower. (This way the glue doesn’t get in the wrong spot on the corset.)
5. Place the flower in a spot marked.

That’s it! You’re finished! (this is a simple design, but you get the picture)

How to Embellish a Corset



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Poison Ivy and Donuts!

Something sinister and something sweet! Can’t get any more different than that! Check these creative DIY costume ideas out!

Poison Ivy Halloween Costume


Poison Ivy is one of the most popular comic book characters! Her sensuality is such that she is able to win even Batman’s heart, even for a moment. Our Emerald Green Satin Corset is the perfect shade of green for Miss Ivy. Carry a matching green rhinestone clutch and strap on a pair of red sequined heels, and you’re set!

Sexy Donut


Okay, who doesn’t love donuts? Here’s a cute idea for a sexy and delicious costume! Pair our Light Pink Satin Corset with a white or pink tutu accented with pompoms! You can even wear our Gold Satin Corset if you want to more accurately represent the color of the fried dough!

DIY Sexy Bird Costumes

Birds are a fun costume idea because basically ANYTHING goes! You could be a goofy Penguin, a cute Duckling, or even a badass Hawk! But here at Chicastic, we like to see how far we can push the DIY costume envelope with our Satin corsets! Here are a few sexy bird costume ideas!

Sexy Hummingbird Costume Idea



Fleeting and delicate, a hummingbird is a sweet and dainty costume idea! With our Emerald Green Satin Corset and sparkling gold stiletto heels, you won’t have to pay for any nectar at the bar the whole night!

Products used:
Emerald Green Satin Corset
Gold Sequined Heels

Pink Peacock Halloween Costume



Peacocks are known for their elegant green and blue plumage. We are HUGE fans of peacocks (our peacock inspired clutches are some of our best sellers!) and wanted to pay homage to this beautiful bird. But we wanted to take it in a different direction and make our bird pink! You will certainly turn heads in this elegant costume!

Products used:
Pink Satin Corset
Gold Sequined Heels
Champagne Sequined Clutch


Raven Halloween Costume



And lastly, for a dark and sensual costume, go full RAVEN with deep dark feathers and a mysterious mask! Made famous by Poe’s literary masterpiece “The Raven,” this bird is a popular symbol for Halloween!

Products used:
Black Satin Corset
Black Peep Toe Stiletto Heels
Black Glitter Clutch