How To Find YOUR Goth Style

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Goth style is a popular way to express yourself, but do you know what Goth is? A goth person is someone who finds beauty in mystery and darkness. There is a romance to dark things that goths find enjoyable. The goth image evolved from punk, victorian and industrial styles. The myth is that goths always wear black, but this is not true. While the colors in a goth’s closet may lean towards darker shades, the style called Pastel Goth adds traditional goth elements in lighter hues. Here are a few ways to incorporate traditional goth style into your wardrobe.

While black isn’t the only color in a goth’s closet, it is the most recognizable trait of the goth scene. Black shoes, corsets, handbags and scarves are a great way to implement this into your wardrobe.

Heavy metal jewelry is also a great way to incorporate Goth style. Leather cuffs with spikes, or even chest plate necklaces. Dramatic pieces are your best bet, just stay within the silver or pewter color scheme. Dark stones like onyx, emeralds and rubies also do well with this style.

Considered more “Victoriana,” corsets are extremely fashionable in the goth scene, especially lace corsets or satin corsets with ruffles. Anyone can pull this look off because corsets accentuate any body type. Pair your corset with a leather mini or even a tulle skirt! Dark skinny jeans can also work for a more casual look.

Dark makeup! But don’t overdo it! Don’t paint your face white and wear black lipstick or you’ll end up looking like a mime or an 80’s rock band groupie (you know which band!). Deepen the shade of lipstick you usually wear and up your eyeliner a bit. Wear eyeshadow darker than you usually would and highlight your cheekbones.

If you have dark hair naturally, it won’t be too harsh for you to go a shade or two darker. However, if you are blonde you may look a bit washed out if you dye your hair too dark. An option is to give yourself lowlights or even dark streaks. Colors like dark red or deep purple can also work!

If you find the traditional goth style is too dark, try pastel goth. It’s a beautiful way to incorporate gothic elements but in a lighter way. Instead of a dark corset, try a baby blue or even light pink one over a long black skirt, fishnets and boots. The reverse can also work. Pale colored skinny jeans can be paired with a dark corset and dark makeup.
Goth is an amazing style and culture. It allows you to express your dark side, but can still be feminine.

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Cotton Printed Evening Casual Envelope Clutch Purse

The summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with your accessories! Introducing the cotton printed evening casual envelope clutch purse, exclusively from Chicastic. Made from 100% cotton, this chic clutch is sure to turn heads with its innovative style and unique design. Plus, with a wide variety of fun patterns and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect clutch purse for you.

Screen shot 2016-08-24 at 10.20.15 AMThe cotton printed envelope clutch measures 10 inches by 5 inches by 1 inch and includes a convenient chain strap measuring 22 inches in length. Sport your newest evening accessory as a shoulder bag or tote around like a clutch. You decide!

With patterns ranging from camo and floral to tribal and abstract, mix and match with your outfit to create the ultimate fashion statement. Buy a few different patterns today and mix up your wardrobe in a whole new way!

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How To Get Started as a Burlesque Dancer


Burlesque is a beautiful art form combining dance, performance, acting, glamour, and strip tease. Burlesque artists such as Dita Von Teese, Gypsy Rose Lee and Lili St. Cyr are the some of the women who have brought burlesque into the main stream. Here is how you can join their ranks!


Burlesque is more than just a strip show. It is a variety show, combining strip tease with music, song, comedy and adult entertainment. Male and female performers can be burlesque artists, but women make up the majority of the performers. Read all you can about the history of burlesque and the pioneering performers behind the curtain. Look to the Golden Age of Hollywood for vintage inspiration, style and glamour!


You must have a certain level of grace, mobility and strength to become a burlesque dancer. These days, size doesn’t matter as much as how well you move. The more dance techniques you are familiar with, the more resources you have when you begin to create your own character and routines. Pole dance workout classes are a great way to build strength and expand your range of motion.

3. TAKE VOICE LESSONS (or at least learn to carry a tune)

Lip syncing is a thing of the past. Even if you weren’t blessed with a beautiful voice, singing lessons will help you find songs that your particular instrument will perform well. If singing is something you do not enjoy, speech and projection are another alternative. The point is to strengthen your voice so that you won’t injure yourself while performing.


This is the fun part! Creating your own character is an expression of yourself, so don’t feel pressured to be like someone else. There are a few items that are necessary for every burlesque artist.


a. Corsets – this is the signature item for every burlesque artist! Start with a few corsets in the basic colors (black, white, red) and expand from there. Simple and elegant satin corsets and bustiers are great because you can add your own embellishments such as rhinestones, ribbons and beads! Make sure your underwear matches! These corsets come with a matching thong so there is no worry!

b. Pasties – you might be stripping but in burlesque it is more about the act of stripping , not the end result. There are fully topless shows, but it isn’t necessary.


c. Stilettos – bonus points if they’re covered in rhinestones! MORE POINTS if they match your corset.

d. Thigh high stockings – the more to take off, the longer your show!


e. Scarves – These chiffon scarves come in a multitude of colors, so you’re sure to find one that matches or complements your corset. The slinky and sheer nature of this material makes this a perfect accessory to your curated look!


The best way to learn how to become a burlesque dancer is by immersion! Join a troupe or take a dance class specifically dedicated to this art form. You will learn to gracefully remove your clothing. The hard part is making it look easy!


Your signature routine must come from your own personality and research! Find what you like, play with props and if necessary, consult with a choreographer. Think outside of the box! Play to your strengths. Tell jokes, sing, or even do magic tricks. You can create a routine around anything! The important part is that you stay true to yourself.


See other burlesque shows and get to know the people onstage and behind the curtain. There is a wealth of personal knowledge and experiences out there in the industry that can help you on your burlesque journey!

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Crossback Sports Bra

How many different sports bras have you bought only to find out that they’re uncomfortable, they don’t fit right, or they restrict your mobility while you’re working out? Switch to the crossback medium support wireless sports bra and stick with a fit that never quits! The crossback sports bra from Chicastic will provide you with unbeatable comfort and enhance your workout with its undeniable support.

Crossback Sports BraThis one of a kind sports bra is made from a super breathable fabric that not only wicks away the sweat but also allows air to flow through with its odor resistant properties. Dominate your workout with the bra’s seamless design and compression-based fit.

Now available in three convenient sizes (Small – Fits size 0-4, Medium – Fits size 6-8, Large – Fits size 8-10), the crossback sports bra was crafted with today’s active woman in mind. With removable padding to ensure a custom fit, this amazing sports bra is ideal for any kind of physical activity.

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How To Build a Capsule Wardrobe for BACK-To-SCHOOL

Build A

Back to school shopping can be a daunting task. There’s the pressure of getting the newest trend, the hottest purse, and just keeping up with your classmates. Not only that, but the financial stress of it all can definitely take a toll on your psyche. The solution to that is a capsule wardrobe! A capsule wardrobe is a set number of clothing items you can use to maximize your fashion options! It’s easier than you think to create, and if you look at your closet, you probably have most if not all of these items already! Check out this list! If you notice, you only need about 3 of the basics!



  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Patterned (stripes are a popular choice)



  1. White
  2. Chambray
  3. Patterned

Open Front Cardigans


  1. Open Front (great for layering!)
  2. Shrug
  3. Zip-up or Pullover (for colder days)

Leggings3 LEGGINGS

  1. One Solid
  2. Two Printed (These are fun!)


  1. Light
  2. Dark


  1. Black
  2. Denim


  1. One Solid Maxi
  2. One Denim
  3. One A-Line Solid


Red Faux Leather Clutch


  1. Backpack (this one is a cute staple in a basic black pleather)
  2. Messenger Bag
  3. Clutch (For after school or chillin’ with friends!)

Weave Pattern Clutch Wallet


  1. Clutch Wallet (easy to carry and switch between bags)
  2. Three scarves! (2 knitted infinity, 1 Chiffon)


  1. Denim Jacket
  2. Leather Jacket
  3. Winter Coat
  4. Raincoat/Trent


SHOES (one for every season!)

  1. Ballet Flats
  2. Sandals
  3. Sneakers
  4. Boots



  1. Chambray
  2. Printed Sundress
  3. T-shirt Dress



  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Flesh
  4. Patterned

There you go, ladies! Now this list doesn’t encompass jewelry or any other personal effects that are a part of your personal style. But this list will help you create dozens of outfits without clogging up your closet with things you will never wear!

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Sexy Gold Satin Strong Boned Corset

Spice up your wardrobe and reinvigorate your love life with the all new sexy gold satin strong boned corset exclusively from Chicastic!

This lace up bustier top is made of the highest quality satin and outlined with the strongest plastic boning that will shape your body and improve your posture. Wear underneath your everyday clothes or surprise your man with a seductive late night treat – exclusively for his eyes only!

Sexy Gold Satin Strong Boned CorsetPlus, this sexy undergarment is super easy to put on by yourself. All you have to do is loosen the laces, slip on the corset, and then carefully line up the two sides of the busk on the front of the corset. Then simply align the pins and holes and clip the busk together. Tighten the lacing from the top, tie off the loose lacing on the back of your corset, and voila – you’re ready to rock your fabulously shaped figure!

Not sure which size will fit you best? Drop a note with your measurements in your order information and the experts at Chicastic will determine which size corset is right for you. So go ahead – show off your curves and flaunt your confidence with Chicastic’s sexy gold satin strong boned corset!

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Purple Tribal Embroidery Hard Box Clutch

Check out Chicastic’s all new tribal embroidery hard box evening clutch in purple!

This one of a kind clutch comes fully equipped with an eye-catching design that boasts both Aztec and Navajo influences. Made from only the finest materials, the vivid purple color only extenuates the precise details of this unique purse.

Purple Tribal Embroidery Hard Box PurseThe tribal embroidery hard box clutch will easily fit all of your most personal items – your cell phone, keys, makeup money, etc. It’s perfect for when you don’t want to lug around a big, bulky purse. Just grab it and go!

This purse measures 6 inches in length, 4 inches in height, and 2 inches in width. Plus, it comes with a chain tucked inside so you can easily transform your clutch into a stylish over the shoulder purse. The outer silver hardware is sure to match your evening jewelry. And the silver top clasp will safeguard all of your belongings.

Chicastic’s tribal embroidery hard box clutch is available in your choice of purple, champagne, black, red, royal blue, or silver.

How to Use Social Media Effectively On Your Wedding Day

How to UseSOCIAL MEDIAEffectively onYour Wedding Day

These days, using social media in your wedding is an absolute must! It’s a great way to share you most precious moments and memories with friends and family who are not able to spend the day with you. However, there are still some rules and etiquette that must be followed, whether you are a guest or the bride. Here are some helpful tips to get you on the right track.

For the Bride and Groom


Make sure you call your parents and any close family members to make your announcement personally. No one wants to find out big news about you on Facebook, especially if you’re getting married! Announcing your engagement on social media may seem fast and easy, but even with new technology, the same consideration and etiquette must be applied.

Send traditional paper invites for your wedding. You don’t want your wedding invite to get lost in the slew of daily emails your guests receive. Save the e-vite for the rehearsal dinner or bachelor/bachelorette events. You can still make them cute! E-vite creation sites have very beautiful options and are way easy to design.

If you choose to post photos of your engagement ring, keep the details about it to yourself. Bragging about the size or cost of your new bling is tacky and it really isn’t anyone’s business but yours and your groom’s.

Create a #hashtag! Encourage your guests with an announcement or a pretty sign before the wedding takes place to use it! This way, you are able to collect everything about your special day and save it.


Take selfies! But please don’t forget to enjoy your day! You’ll have everyone taking pictures of you, and your professional photographer will be there snapping away. You don’t want your professional pictures with your phone in your face. Plus you’ll want to spend the day connecting with those around you.

Stay positive! If something goes wrong, don’t complain about it online! If someone takes advantage of the open bar, don’t blast them on Facebook. Speak to them privately and in person, or have someone do it for you. Negativity will only create animosity and paint you in bridezilla green.

Want to go tech free? It’s okay! It’s perfectly acceptable to ask that your guests put their devices away during the ceremony. That’s what ht wedding photographer is there for – to do the work so everyone can enjoy the ceremony live and not looking through a tiny screen.


For the Guests

Give the professional photographer his or her space! There is nothing more annoying than a guest trying to steal the photographer’s poses from behind (not to mention violates copyright), and it’s extremely violating to the bride and groom. They spent good money so they can have beautiful memories of their day, so respect the photographer and let them work.

USE the hashtag! Don’t make the bride and groom chase you down for wedding pictures. It’s not nice.

Don’t spend the entire day glued to your phone. The couple invited you to celebrate with them, and you don’t want the only pictures of you with your face stuck to a screen.

Ask before sharing pictures of the bride and groom. They may want to keep certain photos to themselves, or want to share theirs first.


Don’t post pictures of gifts. Tack tack tacky go wacky. ‘Nuff said.

Don’t discuss or complain on social media how much your wedding costs. That makes everyone feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Don’t post all the dirty details of a breakup if your engagement or wedding is canceled. Just like when you announced your engagement, your guest should find out about it through you, and not on Facebook.

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Summertime isn’t just for short shorts and cute tank tops. What about those cool, summer nights when you’re enjoying the company of your friends outside? Or when you’re on vacation roasting up some s’mores around a bonfire with your family? Just because it’s August doesn’t mean you can’t show off your legs in some sexy leggings. So give Chicastic’s line of print leggings a try!

LeggingsChicastic’s sexy leggings are super smooth and soft to the touch. And with a semi-high cut, you won’t have to worry about tugging and adjusting them up your legs all night! With Chicastic’s extensive line of leggings, you’re sure to find the perfect style for your unique personality. Current styles include animal print, camo, snakeskin, striped, floral, and abstract patterns!

All of Chicastic’s leggings are made from high quality materials and fit comfortably thanks to the polyester/spandex blend. And when you want to flaunt your stuff in the winter? These leggings are thicker than tights, but thin enough to tuck into even your tallest pair of boots. No scrunching or riding up!

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Front Zip Medium Support Wireless Sports Bra

Kick your workout into gear with the front zip wireless sports bra from Chicastic!

Whether you’re working out at the gym, going for a jog outside, or breaking a sweat while busting out your dance moves, this amazing sports bra is ideal for any kind of activity. The soft, velvety fabric is ultra-comfortable and made from 100% breathable material. Plus, the internal padding is totally removable, so you can adjust to fit your ideal support.

Front Zip Medium Support Wireless Sports Bra

This incredible sports bra comes in three convenient sizes:

  • Small – Fits Size 0-4
  • Medium – Fits Size 6-8
  • Large – Fits Size 8-10

Wear your front zip wireless sports bra underneath all of your favorite tees and tanks! And choose from one of six multihued colors – black, blue, fuchsia pink, green, gray, purple.

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