Can a girl ever have “too many purses”?

In my opinion, there is nothing like too many purses. Purses are those prized possessions every woman has about which husbands and boyfriends always complain – “don’t you already have enough?”. There would be no space available for  the guy to have his clothes in the closet, but there is always space for that  new purse. The old ones never get thrown, but simply added to – they keep moving behind or on top of the shelf and the new ones are more reachable.  And, yes there is no point arguing with us over this because  women will  definitely have a very definite thought-out reason for the new purse – its latest in style, new color, it goes with my new dress, the previous one is too small or too big, and what not.

There are always these things, the love for which can only be understood by those that love them. I am a die-hard fan of purses and especially clutch bags- this was the primary motivation for me to open my own online store – Chicastic. This way I am always have tons of purses around me without calling them mine.

Chicastic offers clutch bags in all sorts of designs, colors, sizes, and for all occasions. I am sure a visit to the site would be worth it- and hey! always look for those deals or coupons on the website. That is something which will make the men happy!!

Hot Pink Velvet Evening/Wedding Clutch Bag with Rhinestones

Hot Pink Velvet Evening/Wedding Clutch Bag with Rhinestones

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