The clutch bag connection

I get a lot of queries about our clutch bags at Chicastic, such as – someone is looking for an ivory clutch bag for their wedding or they are looking for a black clutch bag as a gift for their mother- in law or a clutch for the
cocktail party  with office colleagues. And then often a reply to a query leads to another question and then it sort of becomes a whole conversation to which sometimes I feel a connection.

It’s like oh she needs a clutch for her wedding so it better be the best I have and the discussion would go on to how her dress looks, what’s the wedding color theme etc.

There are some of these transactions which kind of create that bond and makes you feel happy that you could really find that bag for someone that they would carry with them on their wedding day. I never thought businesses do involve emotions and they become a part of your life’s experience even though you don’t even know them!

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