What to clutch, what not to clutch….

My list of favorite essentials for a clutch purse –  Women are always confused on what to carry in their handbags. We always end up carrying more stuff than we need, while always struggling to find the right stuff we
really need. Clutch bags are a unique category of handbags with limited space and hence the choice of essentials is even more critical.

Based on my experience here is my list of the items which should go in an evening clutch purse – keys, a smart phone, credit card, an identification card/driver’s license, and some cash, wet tissues and lip balm/lipstick. If it’s a daytime clutch bag and there is space then add a pair of sunglasses to it. I think every girl would agree to this list or a subset of it.


Red Faux Leather Casual Formal Day Evening Pleather Clutch Purse Bag

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