Something blue..

Something blue- This is a very interesting phrase- perhaps one where the phrase itself doesn’t give much information on what it means. For those who haven’t heard this before it refers to a saying about items a bride should
carry or wear on her wedding day for good luck. This is a very old tradition still followed by most brides across the world.

It is always a good point of discussion as to what the bride would carry as a symbol of something blue – one of the more popular choices is a blue clutch purse. Clutch purse enhances the beauty of any dress plus the blue adds color and brigthness to the white dress. It is such an important day and Chicastic wants to ensure that Brides feel special. Chicastic has an amazing collection of bridal clutch bags with a section dedicated for brides. It is a great feeling to be part of someone’s big day and make that difference for which people will always remember you.

Royal Blue Sapphire blue Satin Wedding Clutch Purse with matching stones

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