Oversized Evening Clutch Bags

I always look forward to the romantic and family holiday movies which release around Christmas and New Year. Agreed they are not mind-boggling or suspenseful, but definitely very sweet and simple – just the right one for vacations.

Last week I went to watch the New Year’s Eve with my friend – absolutely loved it. We went for the evening show and planned to have dinner after. The movie was at 6 PM, kind of an odd time because then you get late for dinner. And since I like to watch what I am eating, I usually end up carrying a healthy snack with me in order to avoid the popcorns(which by the way, I totally love!) especially right before going to dinner or else the appetite goes for a ride.

Anyway, I was carrying this casual oversized clutch purse from Chicastic and surprisingly it had enough space to get my small snack apart from the regulars like my credit card, car keys, some cash, and a lipstick. Never thought I would get all this into a clutch bag and not have to carry a whole big bag or purse for the movie and dinner with the girls. I should thank the person who created this concept of a clutch purse – get in all things useful into a small space for the occasion and alongside it is a beautiful accessory – isn’t that great?

Red Faux Leather Casual Formal Day Evening Pleather Clutch Purse Bag

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