Red Rhinestone Studded Heart Shaped Clutch Purse

“Hello Friends!  I’m your Chicastic Clutch Bags and More girl!  Are you tired of the same rundown listless styles?  Does your style poop out at parties?  Are you wearing unpopular trends?  The answer to all your fashionista problems is at Chicastic.  Yes, Chicastic has clutch purses, jewelry, scarves, corsets and hats.  With Chicastic, you can shop your way to style.  All you do is pay a visit to Chicastic.  It’s so easy too!  There’s so much arm candy!  So why don’t you join all the thousands of happy fashionable people and have a big shopping spree at Chicastic today!  That’s Chicastic Clutch Bags and More!”

(Adapted from the original “Vitameatavegamin” speech from “I Love Lucy.”)

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy by chicastic

We are big fans of Lucille Ball!  She had such great style, having been fashion model early in her career.  We’ve put together an updated and cheeky version of her outfit in the infamous “Vitameatavegamin” episode.  The gingham dress, bottle necklace and fascinator may hint at Lucy, but it’s the   Red Rhinestone Studded Heart Shaped Mini Hard Clutch Purse that really puts the stamp on her signature look.  Take a dose of inspiration from America’s favorite redhead with the Red Rhinestone Studded Heart Shaped Mini Hard Clutch Purse.

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