How to Wear A Bucket Hat

Bucket hats have been seen in various forms this summer and are expected to make a major comeback this fall. As usual, Chicastic not only has the perfect hat for you to make this trend your own, we have some some tips on how to make the most out of this trend. For the summer, definitely keep your look simple. The hat itself stands out so much, there is little need to do anything more with your look; a chic minimal look will do. Unlike fedora’s that have plagued the fashion world last summer, the bucket hat is definitely not one that can easily transition into a night look so its best to rock it during the day. For fall, a bucket hat is a great way to top off a vintage inspired outfit, or you can use it to add a vintage touch to a more current look.

How do you feel about bucket hats? Do you plan on jumping on this trend any time soon? Comment and let us know!

Please feel free to chat with us with any questions or concerns about the above item.

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