Beige Crystal Sequin Hard Box Cocktail Clutch Purse Bag

Weddings can be so much fun. We all always look forward to weddings of our friends and family because it is such a great time to get together with all the people we haven’t met in a long time due to our busy lives. But this is just one reason for the excitement for weddings. The real reason for the wedding excitement, especially amongst women and girls, is the opportunity to wear fancy clothes and carry nice and dramatic accessories.

This beige crystal sequin hard box clutch is the perfect dramatic accessory for anyone attending a wedding of someone close or your own! It is a beautiful hard case box clutch purse covered with a beige satin which is decorated with gold crystal sequins which make the purse so dressy and attractive. This purse has a gold tone metallic closure. And also comes with a gold chain string packed safely inside a plastic bag inside for you to use when needed. Having the gold chain makes this purse very comfortable to carry hands free when you are greeting guests, filling guest books, drinking, dining or even dancing.

The beige color makes the purse very neutral so it can be used with any color. Beige with gold tone hardware makes this purse an easy accessory to match with other things such as shoes and jewelry. This beige crystal clutch is a multi-functional purse which is perfect as a cocktail clutch bag, or for weddings, or just a night out. The purse is spacious too! It has room to fit your iPhone, cash, cards, keys, lipstick and powder, what else does a girl need on a night out!

Our stylists suggest that the best colors to match with this beige purse are – Reds, Blues, Golds, Blacks and Whites. They also suggest using gold tone jewelry instead of silver tone jewelry to match the gold hardware on the purse. This clutch bag is like a piece of jewelry, so delicate and beautiful and if coordinated correctly it can make your outfit on this special occasion look just perfect!

When the purse is shipped, it comes safely packed in paper, bubble wrap and a dust bag, and finally packed into a carton box. We suggest using the same box to pack the purse back when you are doing using it. You can buy this beautiful Beige Crystal Clutch Purse at Chicastic now for only $44.99!

Beige Bridal Sequin Crystal Hard Box Wedding Cocktail Clutch Purse  Cited From:

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