Icy White Accessories for the Fall Bride

As summer fades into fall, fashion trends transition from light and breezy to warm and bold.  Chunky knitted sweaters and leather boots begin to replace sundresses and slippers.  Colors become deeper and richer, infusing the cool weather with warmth and comfort.  However, in contrast to the deepening hues of autumn, silver, and white accessories begin to appear on the runway and in real life!

Wearing silver and white can be a challenge for some, as the color lends itself to flattering those with lighter and fairer skin tones.  However, those with deeper skin tones can also wear silver and white, as its contrast highlights the beauty of darker skin.  When paired with warmer toned tops, dresses, and outfits, silver and white can easily incorporate itself into any woman’s wardrobe!

Mimic the sparkle of falling snow with a shimmering piece of jewelry, perfect for this season’s fashion trends.  If you are hesitant to wear all silver, you can stack bracelets, mixing silver and gold together, as long as you incorporate bracelets of varying widths.  Or you can wear a silver cuff on one hand and a mix of gold and silver bangles on the other.  If you want just a touch of silver, make a statement with a big, bold, ring or a pair of dangly earrings.

A chunky necklace is a wonderful way to dress up a simple dress or collared shirt.  Contrast the simple lines of a cocktail dress with a beaded silver choker.  Break the rigidity of a work shirt with several layering necklaces in silver and gold!  The possibilities are limitless!

For all those holiday parties, try accessorizing your outfit with a beautiful clutch purse.  Clutch purses have a long and rich history beginning in the early 1900’s.  For as long as they’ve been around, clutch purses have never gone out of style.  They have evolved with the ever changing times.  Today, they come in every shape, color and size to complement every season.  Clutch purses are particularly enjoyed during the winter months as bright, bold and fashionable pieces to accent any outfit or cocktail dress.  Pair a solid colored or black dress with a bright white or silver clutch purse for a fashionable high contrast look.  Another option would be to go for a more subdued look with a more muted color such as grey.  If you want to be daring, pair a little white dress with a white or silver clutch purse.

As with every fashion trend, moderation is key.  Don’t pile on the accessories just to follow a trend.  Tastefully accentuate your outfit with this season’s hottest colors – icy white and silver. Chicastic is a great place to buy white bridal purses and other white and silver accessories.

White Bridal Clutch Purses

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