How to Accessorize a Little Black Dress

A definite wardrobe must have for any woman is the “LBD”, or Little Black Dress.  The
Little Black dress will never go out of style, and will always be a sophisticated and
elegant wardrobe staple.  The pieces you choose to highlight your LBD can turn a classic
shift dress into a daring statement.  Be creative!  Here are a few tips to turn your Little
Black Dress into something very unique, and tailored to your individual style.

The right piece of jewelry can make the difference between a night out at the club or an
afternoon lunch with friends!  With so many styles of earrings, bracelets and necklaces,
you can wear your favorite Little Black Dress several weekends in a row and no one will
notice!  However, take care not to overdo it.  If your earrings tangle into your earrings,
you are probably wearing the wrong combination.

The right necklace can turn any LBD into a fashion forward ensemble.  An extra long
necklace gives your basic black dress a sleek, sophisticated and sexy look!  If a
conservative look is more your speed, try a classic pearl necklace.  If you want to be a
little more creative, try a chunky and colorful necklace. A bold, bright statement necklace
instantly adds personality to any outfit.

Sometimes, all you need are a pair of funky earrings.  Choose something bold and bright.
Hoops, studs, or dangles are all wonderful options, as long as they are unique.  Because
the dress you are accessorizing is basic black, you need something for contrast.
Bracelets, when stacked right, can also dazzle up your Little Black Dress.  The key is not
to be afraid of color!

Another accessory that can take your outfit from day to evening is the purse.  Start your
workday with a larger shoulder bag, or even a casual cross body bag.  After work,
exchange your handbag for a small, sophisticated clutch.   Clutches come in all colors, so
the choice is all yours!

When the weather becomes cooler, scarves are a necessity.  Solid silk scarves can add a
touch of sophisticated glam, while an animal print pashmina shawl will keep you warm
and add plenty of style!

Because of its iconic status in fashion, the “LBD” can be dressed up or dressed down to
fit any occasion.  With a few accessories, the Little Black Dress can transform itself for
any event! Chicastic is a great place to buy fashion accessories to go with your Little Black Dress.

Little Black Dress Accessories


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