How to choose the perfect clutch bag?

Women’s fashion world is so dynamic. Fashion trends, styles, colors, outfits and accessories change every day. And it can be so hard to keep up with all current trends. Clutch Bags have been in fashion since the Victorian Era or even since forever. It is a tiny thing yet so many different styles are out there. It is a small piece of accessory that has become as important as the dress in formal and casual wear these days.

These clutch bags have so many different aspects that you need to determine before you decide which type to use for a particular event which is why I decided to put together this list to help with this situation. We have so much to plan when it comes to planning a big event, or even when a girl is attending an event; she has so much to do. Her dress, her hair, her nails, her makeup, the right shoes etc. so at least help with the accessory part of the outfit. When it comes to planning your evening bag for an event most important factors to consider are as follows –

1. Formal or Casual Occasion Evening Bag – You have to first determine whether the event is a formal one or a casual one. Because anything can be too casual for a formal and too formal for a causal event, so we need to be careful when we choose. When we first know it’s a formal event we can choose accordingly – dressy purses, satin clutches, purses with rhinestone and crystals etc. When it is for a casual event we can look at – patent leather clutches, wrist let purses, clutch bag with cross body strap, clutches with metal studs etc.

2. Color – Once we know which occasion it is for, then we decide on the color we need. Whether you want to go with the same color clutch bag as your dress for the event or you want to do a contrast and choose something like your shoes. Suppose you are wearing a black dress, you can choose a red clutch bag and red heels to break the monotony of black and stand out in the crowd.

3. Size – Very important is to know what size evening bag you want to carry. If your dress is short, always carry a small purse with it. You need to know what all you would need to carry in your purse when determining the size.

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