How To Update Your Wardrobe For Fall

The warm winds of summer are making way for the cool breezes of fall. There is no need to buy a completely new closet full of clothes to prepare for the cold. Adding a few essentials will not only save you money, but transform an entire closet! Update your wardrobe for the changing seasons with these simple tips.

1. Knitted fabrics are crawling from the back of the closet to the forefront! The easiest way to transition through the awkward stage between summer and fall is to throw on a pashmina scarf over your sundress! As the air becomes crisper, a sweater dress in a deep jewel tone worn with boots is sexy, yet covered up and weather appropriate! You can wrap yourself in a knee length sweater coat to stay warm, yet fashionable.
2. Boots are considered a fall fashion staple. They come in all styles, sleek and slouchy, canvas or leather, stiletto or flat. No matter what your personality, you can find a boot to fit you and your signature look! Tuck your skinny jeans into your boots for a casual look or wear them with knitted tights and a skirt!
3. The fresh pastels of Spring and Summer are no longer. Fall is the time to enrobe yourself in the rich hues of the season. Pick pieces in a dark chocolate brown, sage green or deep khaki and pair them with beautiful jewel tones like amethyst, maroon, and navy blue.
4. Light and airy silk and cotton fabrics go into hibernation, making way for warmer textiles to come to light. Wool, tweed and corduroy are the favorites for Fall. Wool coats come in every color imaginable. Pair them with tweed slacks for a professional look, or corduroy pants for a more casual ensemble. Flowy scarves make way for heavier woolen wraps.
5. Warm up your hands with a pair gloves! Try leather driving gloves lined in wool, knitted fingerless gloves, or a classic pair of woolen mittens!
6. Put away your straw hat! Cooler temperatures call for something a little more heavy duty! Keep your head warm with a cute bucket hat, a knitted trapper, or a newsboy cap!
7. The number one rule for layering is to stay sleek, not bulky. Try a blazer over a cardigan, a pair of shorts over tights and into boots!

Updating your wardrobe for the changing seasons does not have to break the bank. As long as you keep these key pieces on hand, you will always be ready! For nice pieces of fall fashion accessories, visit Chicastic now and fill up your closet with some fall essentials.

Black Pure Wool Bucket Style Cloche Hat With Flower

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