Perfect Sterling Silver Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are synonymous with bold fashion statements. It used to be that only older women wore cocktail rings. This is because the cocktail ring came about when the older women of today were young, wild and law breaking citizens during the Prohibition. Frequenting illegal “cocktail parties,” these women donned fashion choices ahead of their time.

Cocktail rings are usually heavier, chunkier pieces. They often have a big focal stone and are a great option for those women with larger hands. These rings are considered more ‘playful’ than your traditional rings. Though these rings are made from precious stones like diamonds and emeralds, they are also made of less expensive materials like cubic zirconia and crystals, making it more affordable to own a statement piece. Jewelry designers combine various shapes, stones, and cuts to create dazzlingly unique pieces that are sure to catch your eye. Unlike regular everyday rings, these have extra tall or wide settings.

When looking for a cocktail ring, consider purchasing one with one focal stone accented by others surrounding it. Choose a tastefully sized cubic zirconia. Anything too large will look cheap. For a more sophisticated look, lean towards darker crystals because they tend to look richer than lighter colored stones.

The different settings that jewelers use for cocktail rings may influence the style that you purchase. Prong settings are most common, holding each stone individually. Mounds, domes and starbursts are created with prongs. Bezels are little cups that hold a stone in place. These are more contemporary settings and are used to set larger stones apart from others in the designs. Channel settings are used to create linear designs. Stones are placed between two metal strips that hold them in place. Pave settings are used for very small stones, holding them very close together. The effect is much like paved stones on a road.

These types of rings are very versatile and can go with many outfits. Adding a cocktail ring instantly increases the sophistication factor. They are usually worn on the index or the ring finger. When choosing a ring, consider your lifestyle and budget. While gold may be a dream for a lot of women, it is usually too expensive for most. Stainless steel, titanium and sterling silver rings are durable, shiny and affordable.

Cocktail rings are not only a fashion statement, but they are artful expressions of the designer. Because they are larger than the average ring, they are like canvases upon which to place precious stones or crystals. For a very beautiful selection of cocktail rings visit Chicastic now!

Sterling Silver rings

Sterling Silver rings

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