How To Wear Sequins During The Day


Sequins are an instant way to add sparkle to your outfit. Usually a nighttime accessory, this trend is starting to see the light of day. But before you rush out and wear a sequined top to work, make sure that you are not over the top. There are plenty of ways to wear sequins during the day without overdoing it. Balance the bright sparkle with the rest of your outfit. Here are a few ways to help you incorporate this trend during the day.

First of all, remember that you must keep things simple. These tiny sparkles already grab your attention so there is no need to go head to toe. The idea is to mix and match your pieces in a way that makes the sequins an integral part of the outfit rather than the focus. Choose embellished tees, tank tops or jerseys. Sequined skirts, purses and accessories are other great options for adding bling to your outfit.

A sequined skirt will look great paired with a waist belt and simple billowy top. A leather cross-body satchel rather than a clutch would keep this outfit grounded.

If you are looking to incorporate this trend at work, make sure it is done subtly. A glittering scarf, or a work tote with a sequined detail would work well here. Whatever you decide, make sure that you only incorporate one embellished article of clothing or else you will look like a disco ball.

An easy way to dress up denim is to team them up with sequins. A long chambray top over a sequined tube top and leggings with boots is a cool layered look great for school or hanging out with friends. Wear a sequined tank top with jeans or shorts for a more casual look, and slacks for a dressier option. Finish with a simple single colored clutch purse. There is no need for beads, crystals or fancy hardware here.

If wearing sequined clothing is still a bit intimidating for you, start with accessories. A scarf covered in this sparkling medium is a great way to add some sparkle. Be daring and wear a pair of heels encrusted in glitter. Sequin clutch purses come in many shapes and sizes. You are sure to find the one that shines just for you.

Crazy nights out are not the only times you are able to wear sparkles. With some careful styling, sequins can help you shine like the sun during the day!

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