Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year and it is not just for kids anymore. In fact, Halloween has not been for kids in a very long time. Adults have taken this once creepy crawly fun kids’ holiday and turned it into an extreme event! Haunted houses, haunted hayrides, and even haunted pub crawls are all the rage. Even the costumes have gone to the extreme, from being very scary to very sexy. Some say this is the only time anyone can dress up in a sexy outfit without being bothered for it. Sure, you can purchase a ready made costume in a store, but you run the risk of someone else wearing the same exact costume. With a little imagination, you can put together something just as sexy and more creative.

The first thing you need to decide is what character, animal or occupation you will be.

Next make sure you have figured out the type of uniform or outfit your character wears on a regular basis. For example, if you decide to go as a sexy version of Bart Simpson, he usually wears a red shirt, blue shorts and blue shoes. Unicorns have one golden horn and are usually white. Cops are usually wearing blue pants, shirts, and carrying a holster and wearing a police hat.

To “sexify” these costume ideas, wear a corset in place of a shirt, wear a short skirt or shorts, and you MUST wear heels. The higher the better.

1. Bart Simpson – Pair a red corset with some teal blue hot pants. The heels you choose must be the same color as your shorts. Wear yellow thigh high stockings, long yellow fingerless gloves, and instead of a his signature skateboard, carry a lime green clutch. You could carry a skateboard, but you run the risk of people asking you to ride it and it is dangerous to do so in high heels.

2. Unicorn – Pair a white lace or sequined embellished white corset with a pair of lacy tights. Wear some ripped up white shorts over that. Stack some sparkling silver and gold bangles on both of your wrists and make sure your heels are metallic. Make sure your makeup sparkles, and you may want to wear body glitter. Most importantly, clip a pair of pony ears and a golden unicorn horn made of foam in your hair. Carry an ice white clutch to finish your look.

3. Police Officer – Wear a navy blue corset with cuffed shorts in the same color over black fishnets. For a more industrial look, wear tall heeled boots. Pin a police badge over your chest, put on a novelty police cap and carry a pair of toy handcuffs. We recommend not carrying a toy gun, for safety’s sake.

These costumes are just an idea. You can take these same tips and apply them to any entity you wish to dress up as this Halloween. Have fun, and most importantly, be safe!

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Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

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