How To Organize Your Purse


A woman’s purse holds her life. From necessities like their wallet to superfluous items and snacks, women are prepared for almost anything. But carrying around a large tote or shoulder bag can be a little cumbersome. This is why waiting in line at the grocery store can be a headache – because more than likely, the checkbook or wallet has made its way to the bottomless cavern that is a woman’s purse. More than likely, the average handbag is weighed down, difficult to carry and disorganized. Taking a few minutes to carefully organize your purse will make finding the things you need quick and easy.

First, take everything out of your bag. You may be surprised to find tiny things that have collected themselves at the very bottom. Throw out any trash like loose pen caps, gum wrappers and old receipts.

Next, decide which items you absolutely need to carry at all times. This may include your phone, car keys, wallet, checkbook, mirror and lipstick. Other things you may have are your tablet, camera, a book, ear buds, note pad and makeup pouch. A separate coin purse is helpful in keeping loose change secured if your wallet is not built with one. If you carry a mirror, make sure it has its own case or it may break in the shuffle.

Select the items you use the most, such as your phone, keys and mp3 player. Place them in the pocket of your purse that is easiest to access. Keep your earbuds in a small case to protect them from getting tangled with your other items. Front pockets are ideal if available. Your wallet and checkbook should be placed in the next accessible compartment if possible. Some handbags have a pocket sewn in the middle that could be used for this purpose as well. The pocket creates two separate sections that can help you further organize your bag’s contents. If your bag is large enough, you can place a tablet and electronics on one side and your other items on the other side.

If you carry makeup or hand lotion with you, place them in a zipper clutch or waterproof case. Preventing spills and accidental breakage is important because cleaning the inside of a purse is much more difficult than cleaning the outside.

Not only will staying organized will help you get things done faster and with less stress, your bag will stay clean and last much longer.

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