How To Dress Up In Black


Color psychology defines black as powerful, reserved, and in control. It can be intimidating and unapproachable because of its power. It radiates conservative and serious energy. Black is the color of sophistication. The ‘little black dress’ is a perfect outfit to wear at a ‘black tie event.’ The elegant and confident impression that this color gives is the reason why it is worn by business oriented people. Also associated with sex and seduction, it is a popular color for corsets, lingerie and undergarments. It flatters all skin and hair colors and is a favorite of women and men. Keeping a dark wardrobe monotone makes buying clothes and getting dressed easier, but it can also lack depth and be extremely boring. Keep these things in mind while dressing head to toe in this particular shade.

  1. Make sure you stay within seasons. Do not wear a heavy knitted dress in the summer and stay away from cotton and chiffon in the winter. Otherwise, you will just look lost and sad.
  2. Brighten up your makeup more than you would usually do when dressing head to toe in this shade. A kiss of bright red lipstick or a swipe of emerald eye shadow can keep you from looking washed out and dreary.
  3. Fit is extremely important when wearing a single shade throughout an outfit. This hue is very slimming so take advantage of that fact. Know what look you are going for. If you are trying for sophistication, keep your pieces sleek and well taken care of. Sloppy and ill fitting garments will negate the slimming power of this hue which is against the entire point.
  4. It is okay to break up the monotony with a splash of color. Try a turquoise statement necklace, or a pair of bright yellow heels. Just a little bit to break the intimidation factor of this otherwise ominous shade.

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