How To Wear Emerald Green Accessories


The end of 2013 is almost upon us! There are only a few more months to relish in Emerald Green, the 2013 color of the year! This jewel toned shade is the color of life and rebirth. It is the most elegant hue and suits almost every skin color. It is deep, rich and intense. This shade of green can harmoniously mix with almost every other color. Standing out while wearing this color is very easy. Whether you wear it from head to toe, or just accessorize with it, Emerald is sure to flatter you, however you wear it.

If you aren’t sure if true Emerald is right for you, you can try a warmer or cooler shade. What is most important is that you are happy with what you are wearing. Because this color is THE color of the year, every accessory and clothing item will be in this shade. That makes it easier to incorporate it into your wardrobe in any quantity you like!

Makeup styles have gone bolder in the last few years so do not be intimidated from using green in your eye shadow, eyeliner, nail polish and if you are bold enough, in your lipstick! As with any makeup, make sure you blend carefully to avoid looking smudged and unnatural. Even though green is not a neutral color, the more organically it is applied on your face, the better it looks.

Jewel toned earrings, necklaces and bracelets are a fun and easy way to add this color to our wardrobe. Drop earrings, dangles and studs with deep green stones are elegant, while studded hoops are flashy. A single stone pendant worn with a scoop neck dress adds class while a statement necklace in this color will liven up a little black dress. Match your jewelry with a clutch for one more lucky touch!

For clothing, treat green like black and use it as a base. Combined with purple results in a very sophisticated and royal look. Gold is the ultimate pairing with this shade. A sequined dress will look smashing with a pair of gold leather heels. Soften the brightness of a top with grey slacks, or pair a tan pencil skirt with a deep green top for a fresh look for the office! For cool evenings, wrap a pashmina around your shoulders! An Emerald Green Clutch Purse is the perfect accent to a Gold or a Black Dress for the holiday parties. 

There are many ways to wear the 2013 color of the year. Whether you accessorize sparingly or wear it from head to toe, you are sure to look like royalty! Chicastic has a lot of emerald green accessories for this year’s holiday party dressing. 

Emerald Green Accessories

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