Have you ever looked into your closet and gotten bored? Sure, you have beautiful shoes, a purse collection that most women would die for, clean and classic clothes, but where is the personality? Where is the edge? Have you unwittingly cultivated your wardrobe so carefully, matched so perfectly that even your hangers have fallen asleep? How do you add a bit of unexpected grit while still staying true to yourself? The key to adding the right amount of edge is subtle accessorizing, keeping your look feminine by combining hard and soft together.

Jewelry is the simplest way to add some personality. A sparkling brooch or statement pin attached to a plain white t-shirt instantly makes it your own. Metallic cuffs are a big bold statement piece with huge attitude. Worn with a lace top, it combines the essence of tough and sophisticated into one outfit. Spiked bracelets and necklaces are also a symbol of rebellion. Wear them dangling from a delicate chain with a silk shirt for contrast in textures.

Newsboy caps add a bit of masculinity to any outfit. They can take the “sweet” out of a sundress when paired with espadrilles. Wear with striped cut offs and a crocheted cardigan for a casual look. The vintage energy this type of hat gives a bit of whimsy to your ensemble.

Fingerless gloves are the epitome of edgy accessories. Especially when they are made of lace or leather. They have a way of making even the simplest outfits pop. Pair lace ones with a striped open button down shirt, like combining business with pleasure. Or wear leather ones with a tank top and floral skirt.

Carry your edge with a leather purse. A quilted handbag with a chain is already the perfect combination of hard and soft. A mustard yellow satchel with metal studs and hardware looks great when worn with a soft pink v-necked sweater, jeans, and pointed toe flats. Or try a spiked envelope clutch instead of the usual glittering party purse with your formal wear.

Makeup is another way to add edge to an outfit. Glittery eyeliner in a cat’s eye shape is an edgy rockabilly look. Try jewel toned eye shadow with a matte lip, or lightly applied neutral shadow with a bright red lip color. Black or dark colored nail polish is also an edgy makeup trend that comes and goes with each season.

Fashion is supposed to be fun and personalized to your unique self. Be fearless and do not dress for anyone but yourself. Interpret the trends in your own way!

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Women's accessories

Women’s accessories


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