Snakeskin Pattern Patent Leather Envelope Clutch

Animal prints have been in fashion since forever and amongst all the ones that are worn in clothing and accessories, snakeskin pattern holds a very important position. Snakeskin Pattern looks very classy, rich and has a lot of depth. Be it in clothing or fashion accessories such as snakeskin cotton scarf or clutch bags or handbags, this is a pattern that can never be too bold for the simplest of dressers.

Featured is a Red Patent Snakeskin Pattern Patent Leather Envelope Clutch With Metal Studs. It is very classic with the snakeskin pattern, and metal studs, and very fashionable due to its envelope like shape which is very much in fashion. Has a lot of room for your party essentials. Visit Chicastic now to buy one for yourself or to gift somebody because these make lovely gifts. Also comes in black.

Red Patent Leather Evening Bag

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