Ideas For Traditional Brides

“Classic” is always in style, and having a traditional wedding will ensure that your special day will be remembered as elegant and timeless for years to come. Much of what makes a wedding traditional could come from your very own family. Traditions are customs passed down from generation to generation, so the best place to set your sights for ideas would be to first approach your own family (and even extended family) and ask about past weddings! Rifle through your parents’ wedding photos, ask your grandparents what they did to prepare for their wedding as well as what lasting traditions were already in place that they, too, took part in on their special day. Many traditional brides decide to have traditional weddings to honor the love that has produced the family they know and love in hopes that the same love will continue on in their own marriage-to-be.

Beyond familial or cultural tradition, a traditional wedding is also elegant and timeless. To further the poised elegance of a traditional wedding, go with tried and true designs for your wedding dress and selected bridesmaids dresses. White has been the traditional wedding color since Queen Victoria wed to Prince Albert in Victorian England (a reign of which would also embed many other holiday traditions), so a white dress with formal train and long, elegant veil and bridal clutch will invoke that undying sense of tradition. Choose a sleek style for your bridesmaids dresses to ensure that they, too, will look timeless (and will applaud your choice for the dress they will be wearing all evening!). Remember to buy them the traditional bridesmaid gifts, especially clutch purses in which they can hold the flowers.

A neutral color palette ensures that any traditional wedding is distinguished. Gentle color accents are also encouraged, such as golds, silvers, or understated blues, pinks or reds and add a classic feel to your overall decor. Also, remember that old fashioned weddings weren’t always held in a reception hall. While an elegant hotel or inn may make a classic venue, also consider outdoor locations or even a scenic backyard. Choice of a venue may also depend on your own family traditions, so be sure to keep those in mind as well.

A traditional wedding reception is poised and usually follows a general pattern. It begins with a cocktail hour, feeding guests with horderves and drinks as they wait for the main event. As at the end of the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom usually greet their guests as they enter the main reception area, where they will await a sit-down dinner. Don’t forget the more fun traditions, such as the best man and maid of honor roasts to the bride and groom, as well as the speeches from the lovely newlyweds themselves. And of course, celebrate by dancing the night away!

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