Bad Hair Day? Use a Scarf!


We all hate bad hair days but sometimes we’re pressed for time and they are just unavoidable. Learn how to hide a bad hair day with a scarf in any of these fashionable ways.

Some days our hair just doesn’t want to cooperate with us no matter how much we plead or whine or try to tame its rebelliousness. And sometimes we just don’t have time to rewash or restyle or reckon with our unruly tresses, but instead of throwing in the towel there is always one easy solution: just throw on a scarf!

Scarves are one of the most versatile accessories and pieces of fabric known to fashion and it has been used in a countless number of ways for hundreds of years and throughout history all over the world. One great thing about scarves is that they are always in style and can be worn in practically any way. When you don’t have time to wash your hair, are plagued with flyaways, or a style you were looking to try did not execute as planned, a scarf can always come to the rescue. Here are several ways a scarf can salvage a bad hair day.

You can easily fold most scarves into headbands which is a great way to cover up flyaway strands, greasy locks, or a look-gone-awry. Either fold a cloth scarf to your desired thickness or gather a chiffon or similar scarf for a more textured look. You can tie the headband at the nape of your neck, tuck it beneath hair worn down or hide it beneath a ponytail or messy bun, or you can tie it at the top or just-left-of center of your head (or whichever side works best depending on where you part your hair) in a simple knot or in a cute little bow. A headband of any kind will draw attention away from your hair, especially if worn with a bow for extra embellishment.

Another simple fix is the classic Old Hollywood wrap-around. Loosely fitted over your head and perhaps over a messy bun, a scarf can hide just about anything and perhaps even hint at the idea that your hair actually does look fabulous. You might not be driving along the California coast giving a well-articulated monologue but you’ll absolutely look like you’re about to!

If your hair isn’t cooperating, don’t let yourself get too frustrated. A scarf can always come to the rescue. Whether you use a bandana scarf, a sparkly thin scarf or a printed chiffon scarf, your hair will sport a great look to the rest of the world and you won’t have to worry about not looking your absolute best. Find one that suits your style at Chicastic now!

Medium Brown Chiffon Leopard Print Scarf

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