New Years’ Eve Party Ideas

New Year’s Eve is the last big night of the year to celebrate. Here are some simple tips to bid 2013 farewell and greet 2014 in style.

New Year’s Eve is all about going out with the old so we can usher in the new, and we all want the year to go out on a high note, right? While we still have a few more months of  winter to look forward to, your New Year’s Eve party can play up the glittery season with some positive sparkle to see the year off right.

First thing’s first with any party: What is your theme going to be? We all know it’s a New Year’s Eve party, but what kind of tone are you looking to set for the last day of 2013? Are you looking to have a flirty cocktail party with all of your guests dressed to the nines? Are you going to have a classy midnight dinner party? Or are you going for some more casual fun? Regardless of your theme, glitter and sparkle are welcome in any kind of decor. Recall the big ball dropping and the style of that classic Times Square scene that your guests will be gathered around to watch, no matter what party theme you choose, counting down the final moments of 2013. Consider stringing up lights to mimic the night sky and keep the lights dimmed, this way your shimmering decor can catch the light and create that perfect magical, wintry atmosphere. Play up or play down the glitter and glam depending on your theme, perhaps use silvers and golds if you’re going for a more formal dinner party. With some holiday shine, you can glam up the cold and play up the New Year and bring Times Square to your party.

When it comes to food, it also depends on your theme. If you’re having a fun cocktail party, serve glittering cocktails using champagne and add some bold color with different juices, such as cranberry or orange. Serve fun hors d’oeuvres to keep your guests up and about socializing. If you’re having a calmer, classy dinner party, consider serving simpler drinks with light but filling dishes. No matter what you choose, make sure to have plenty of champagne on hand!

As far as activities go, it’s always important to keep things positive and fun. After all, this is the last day of the year and you want to end it right! Games like charades or card games are always a party favorite, but ones that incorporate New Year’s resolutions are great to have to. Have everyone write down a wish, or however many you want, for the new year on a slip of paper and use the pieces as confetti when the ball drops.

Another and most important thing to think about is your party outfit. You can always wear your little black dress but accessorize it with affordable and fashionable things like a nice rhinestone stud evening bag, dangle earrings and bracelets etc.

It’s important to have fun and to get everyone excited for the year to come. When spent with close friends and family, any celebration will set the perfect tone for the year to come. To find great accessories for your New Years’ Eve Party outfit, visit Chicastic now.

holiday party dressing cocktail outfit

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