Is Vintage Your Style?


Vintage fashion is becoming more and more popular, but is it right for you? There are so many styles to choose from and here are some tips on how to go about sorting through the vintage to find what suits you best.

The great thing about vintage fashion is that it works in two ways: 1. Fashion is cyclical, something from the past is bound to come back in style or already is, and 2. Vintage is a style all on it’s own, even something that is strictly from days of yore by going against the current trends is in as well! The great thing about vintage is that you can mix and match. You can pair a vintage item with a more modern ensemble, wear an entirely vintage getup, or anywhere in between. Here are some vintage shopping tips that can help you find your happy retro medium that will suit any occasion.

Corsets are always a sexy vintage must-have. Whether you pair a lace-up bustier corset top under a chic motorcycle jacket or save it for a night in with someone special, a corset is sure to be a bold addition to any wardrobe. They can also be worn over loose blouses for that old west feel while not looking like a costume, especially if paired with jeans or any other slim-fitting pant. Even wearing a lace-up corset top over a comfy cotton long-sleeved or short-sleeved tee is both chic as well as comfortable. You can even ditch the shirt in warmer weather and wear the corset alone with a slim-fitting pant for a bolder look. A corset alone also looks great under a slim jacket or underneath a fitted blazer

Paired with slim skirts, whether mini or maxi, a corset can also add some vintage feel for a more formal feel. A looser skirt may bring you into more costume territory, but a slimming skirt can give you that old-fashioned look while remaining chic.

A corset can also come in handy with other vintage clothing or vintage dresses if used for their designed purpose, to be worn underneath to give you shape. Adding a corset to a vintage find or underneath an actual vintage dress can take your ensemble to the next level by wearing the piece as it was originally intended to be worn.

Vintage Corsets are just one staple that has seen many reincarnations and reinterpretations. Find the one that suits you best by trying them on. You can sift through thrift stores to find a real retro gem or search in stores or online to find a style that suits your fashion sense best, whether its a newer take on the vintage style or a more modern interpretation. Finding a corset can be hard but Chicastic has  a nice variety to fit your style and needs. So buy one now!

Vintage Style Brocade Corset

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