Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Bridesmaids are often composed of close family, friends and relatives that are incredibly close to the bride. They may have earned their spot in the bridal party for being there for the bride at some crucial time in the past, but what the bridesmaids do during the engagement and wedding process and events is just as important. They gather everyone for the bride’s events, plan the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and help the busy bride make sure everything is set and ready for the big day. Just as brides get gifts to celebrate their future lives as being part of a married couple making a new life together, bridesmaids deserve a little something to since they make sure this loving relationship is made possible by helping prepare the wedding.


One great way to thank your bridesmaids is by giving them great accessories, preferably ones they can wear to the wedding, too! Sure, the bride is the center of attention during the wedding, but the bridesmaids are also dressed to draw attention and better accent the beautiful bride. A great gift to give to bridesmaids would be matching clutches to wear and use during the wedding ceremony and reception. Give each bridesmaid a clutch that suits her best yet perhaps all match within your bridal party color scheme. That way, the clutch will work well at the wedding and the bridesmaids can each use them for other, future occasions. Give one a rhinestone studded cocktail clutch if she has more of a vintage flair, and perhaps give your tough-gal bridesmaid a knuckle duster clutch. There is a clutch for everyone and there are bound to be styles in the color that best suits your wedding decor and color scheme.


Another great idea would be to bestow jewelry to each bridesmaid. Like the clutches, you can give each woman a piece or set of jewelry that suits her best, and can be worn to your wedding as well as future events your bridesmaids may attend (perhaps even a future bridesmaid’s wedding!). Sterling silver is always in style and goes with just about anything. Get each bridesmaid a sterling silver cocktail ring in differing styles. From afar, their outfits will look stunningly similar when paired with the bridesmaid’s gowns, and yet each ring will be unique and reflect the woman wearing it so she can wear it for years to come.


Both of these bridesmaid gift ideas are useful for your own wedding and will serve as reminders of your gratitude for having been a part of your special day. To buy your bridesmaid some stylish gifts to say thank you, visit Chicastic now!

perfect bridesmaid gifts


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