Must have handbags for women

Like any other fashion accessory, there are thousands of handbags to choose from. Here are some trending closet staples that are sure to keep you ahead of the fashion curve, no matter what you’re wearing

Handbags are an essential part of any wardrobe. Like any other fashion accessory, there is a handbag for just about every occasion. While a lot of us may wish we could snag a bag for every outfit or outing, or even one for every pair of shoes we may own, there are a few essential handbags to keep in your closet that will find a time and place.

Choosing a handbag isn’t just determined by what color scheme or overall style we’re sporting, but by what we actually need our handbag for! Sometimes we’re just running to the grocery store, other times we’re going on a day trip, or perhaps we’re planning an elegant night out. One handbag can’t fulfill all of these functional fashion duties so having any of the following bags in a style that suits you will ensure that you’re prepared for absolutely everything.

Small fashion backpacks are back from the late nineties and are now clad in more sizes and patterns. Whether you’re planning a daytrip or packing for a cute park side picnic, one of these backpacks gives you the room to pack while still allowing you to look fashionable. While not as large as utility knapsacks, these handy bags still come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from the size of a small handbag to a large tote. This way, you can still look cute while not having to sacrifice anything you wish to carry with you for the day. You can choose from a sleek leather bag or patterned canvas bags.

Everyone needs a go-to convertible clutch. You can grab them on the way out to door on your way to meet a friend for lunch or change it up and grasp it with freshly manicured nails for a special night out. Clutches are always chic. They add a bit of glamour and are essential to dressing up any outfit or accompanying any already elegant number. Choose a style that best suits you or matches your overall wardrobe best, that way this staple bag can be used for any occasion that arises.

Large tote bags are always handy, not to mention trendy. They are great for any casual day and still help you look looking stylish. You can fit most of your daily essentials in one of these bad boys and not have to worry about finding a large grocery bag to carry it all around town in.

There are hundreds of other bags, and some styles suit some more than others, but with a few of these you can never go wrong. Chicastic has a variety of handbags in different styles and patterns. Check them out now!

Women's Handbags

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