How To Wear Oblong Scarves


Scarves are incredibly versatile and adaptable accessories, yet most of us only know of one or two ways to wear them at most. They come in a pinch in winter, but they do far more than keep us warm. Oblong scarves also add a dash of color and texture to any outfit, and they have to capability to complete an ensemble. Depending on where you’re going, what you’re dressing for, or what kind of look you want to emulate, an oblong scarf has the capability to adapt to your any need while still keeping your neck toasty from the cold.

Scarves look great filling in the open space between jacket lapels or open cardigans, but these oblong accessories can be tied beyond being worn loose. If you’re going for a casual look, these scarves can be worn simply looped around the neck (also known as the European Loop) or in another traditional Ascot Knot, but you might be unaware of other creative or elegant options. You could make a slightly more creative and chic version of these two styles by folding the scarf in half lengthwise, placing it around your neck so the two ends of the scarf are over one shoulder while the hoop of the fold is over the other. Then, simply put one end through the hoop, twist the hoop again and put the other end through, creating a simple braid style that looks chic and stylish, and is appropriate for creative everyday or even professional wear. Another elegant idea is to wear it as a shawl, which is great for making open shoulder outfits a little warmer while still adding a little class to your look. A fake knot looks wonderful as well, which is very much like tying a tie and creates a sophisticated style that covers the neck elegantly.

For more casual looks, the infinity loop is ever-popular and cozy. If you have an open-ended oblong scarf, it’s easy to transform it. Just tie the ends together and loop it twice around your neck with the knot strategically hidden in the back. This style can be worn loose or closer to the neck depending on the number of loops made. But of course, there’s nothing wrong with wearing an oblong scarf long and loose, fully showing off the fabric and color in a more casual or bohemian style. There’s no wrong way to wear a scarf but remember the possibilities whenever you’re wearing one. Find one you like at Chicastic now, and make your winters fashionable!

Oblong Scarves

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