SnakeSkin Fashion Accessories

It’s the year to wear snakeskin accessories. While still a walk on the wild side like any other animal print, snakeskin is a little more sleek and elegant. Working patterns and prints into your wardrobe can be tricky, but when worn right and accessorized correctly they can really make a statement.

The key to patterns is to wear them sparingly. Choose one print item among more solid colors or neutral textures. Animal print can make any outfit bold but it only truly stands out when it is put successfully on display. Snakeskin, while sleek and subtle, can be worn for more casual occasions as well as professional or even for elegant events. It all depends on how you wear it.

One of the more casual options to wear any print is with a scarf. A cotton snakeskin scarf looks great with any basic outfit and can be a nice refreshing addition to any basic v-neck tee and jeans combo. Even smaller accessories in this print are great little additions to more casual outfits, such as slender belts or a handbag. Additionally, any of these simple, casual options can be paired with the famous little black dress and instantly transform into more dressy outfit elements. For instance a chiffon print scarf can be worn for either occasion but a silk scarf will instantly look more professional or more elegant. A clutch purse is also a great item to have and can be worn with just about any style dress or formal wear.

Don’t limit yourself to thinking in terms of accessories! Though accessories are versatile and can be used to easily transform outfits or give them new life, clothing pieces are great as well if worn well. A snakeskin blouse is great, especially when paired with a neutral pant and colored shoe. This sort of ensemble can be worn straight from the office to a night out the town without needing to change a thing. If you’re feeling a little more bold, a snakeskin pant could work as well. It can look particularly sleek when worn with a neutral top and shoes, though black is perhaps the best option. A print can make any otherwise solid outfit suddenly more textured and interesting without being over the top. If you’re looking to get your animal print in with a dress, the key is to choosing a great shoe. Depending on the tone of the dress, a bold colored shoe could be the perfect addition to make you stand out (in the good way, of course).

Animal prints are here to stay, but the trick is to know how to make them work for you. Assess your style and preferences to determine whether an accessory or clothing piece would suit you best, or perhaps get some of both! The key to wearing any pattern is a mastery of mixing and matching. Chicastic has many snakeskin pattern fashion accessories for women. Check them out now!

Snakeskin Pattern Fashion Accessories

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