Chain Strap Purses

Handbags are an important fashion accessory, and more so than many of us might think. Aside from fulfilling a more practical purpose, the shape, size, color and print of a bag makes a huge impression and are essentially a key element to any outfit, whether it’s intentional or not. While most of us tend to lean toward buying handbags that suit our style or are in a fairly neutral tone or color to best be worn with a wider variety outfits and for multiple occasions, they can be way more fun than that. Handbags don’t have to be loud or bold to make a statement or instill itself into an outfit and feel like more of an intentional addition.

Chain strap purses serve multiple purposes. Not only do they have the capacity to hold our daily essentials or conveniences, but they add color and depth to an outfit. Unlike other bags, the chain strap purse has its namesake to set it apart. The chain strap can act as more than just a shoulder piece and can double as more of a jewelry accessory as well. Taking on the roles of both handbag and jewelry accessory, they have a similar effect on an outfit as a necklace might but does so in a different and more dynamic way. Depending on the color and design, these straps can match most outfits and looks, especially if they are made of a simple gold or silver. If you opt for a more unique look, it can make just as much of a statement about your sense of style as any other piece of clothing. No matter the exact style of strap, they can be accentuated with similar jewelry such as rings or earrings in a matching style, tying your ensemble together and giving you a more purposeful and put-together look.

Most bags featuring a chain strap allow you to switch out the given one with another, oftentimes sold along with the bag. To change up a bag you might use often or if you’re wearing an outfit that demands a different set of accessories or accents, then try using multiple chain straps or pairing a chain with a leather or fabric strap to add depth and dimension. Get creative and experiment with different styles, colors, and combinations. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, you might just end up with several reincarnations of one bag that can give the illusion of several. Chicastic has a great collection of chain strap handbags and evening bags. Visit us now!

Chain Strap Purses

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