Matching Your Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories have a lot of power, and more than you may think. They can make or break an outfit. They can define your overall style. They can even dress up or dress down an outfit, transform pieces from fun and flirty to prim and professional. Like any other item, they need to be chosen accordingly. Mixing and matching jewelry and handbags can be just as vital when you’re choosing which accessories to wear with items of clothing.

If you’re going for a subtle look, synchronizing all of your pieces may be the way to go. You don’t want to look too matchy-matchy, but wearing accessories with a common theme is always safe. Choose a simple silver or gold and go from there. Wear a chunky gold bracelet with a gold chain strap purse. Match silver earrings with a ring and shoes or a belt with silver accents. Even if you don’t go with simple silver or gold, using subtle accessories set in analogous colors in regards to your outfit (in other words, your outfit consists of colors all in the same family and lie next to one another on the color wheel).

Or if you’re feeling brave, accent your outfit with accessories set in complimentary colors, ones found on the opposite side of the color wheel. If you want to go for a bolder look, try choosing brighter, eye catching colors, especially if your outfit mainly consists of neutrals. A leopard print clutch or shoe would look stunning against an all-black outfit, just as wearing a bright mint statement necklace or hot pink scarf. But the key to mixing bold accessories is not to use too many at once. Choose one wow item, don’t try to mix several bright items together if they don’t match or compliment each other. A little goes a long way.

It is incredibly useful to know how to manage mixing patterns and prints, and some items can help you tie a busy outfit together. A well-placed belt in an offset color could help break up a patterned blouse and a patterned pant, or an snakeskin handbag could look chic against more subtle, neutral patterned clothing or outerwear. Accessories can bring a lot of balance to an outfit, creating different sections to direct the eye, or draw the eye to specific places over others. Depending on how you accessorize, you can create a countless array of outfits that always keep you looking your best. Chicastic has a lot of great accessories which you can get to match with all your outfits, they are so affordable. 

Fashion Accessories For Women

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