How to wear Red with the right accessories


Red is the ultimate classic color. Aside from black and white, it is the most iconic color in fashion since the dawn of dyed clothing and goes back for centuries. Even though red hasn’t completely shed the meanings associated with its historical past, it is still one of the most bold and meaningful colors in fashion, but does that mean that it’s right for you?

First of all, determining compatibility clothing or accessories requires taking a look at your skin tone. Red comes in various shades and they all look best with differing skin tones. Darker skin tones tend to look best with brighter, bolder reds while paler skin tones look best with toned down or dark shades of red. Hair color also has some play in what shade looks best on you, but beyond skin tone it also relies on pure preference.

Do you personally look how you look in red? Or are you more ambivalent as to how it looks on you or suits your style? If you’re unsure or not keen on wearing much of the shade when it comes to clothing, you don’t have to eliminate it from your wardrobe entirely. Accessories and accents are great ways to incorporate any new color, print or related trend into an ensemble. A statement bag or necklace can add a little oomph to any outfit without being overwhelming. Even if you are already a big fan of the trend, it always makes a great bold accent color. If you’re wearing a neutral or plain outfit, red accents, no matter the shade, can add some bold color to your look. A red scarf can jazz up any cute tee and jeans ensemble and make it look anything other than ordinary.

And don’t forget the power of prints. Prints and patterns can allow you to incorporate new shades and tones in small doses along with other colors that might suit you and your skin tone better, or perhaps even your personal preferences. Find a pattern that features red as a bold accent along with neutrals or complimentary colors that you already wear often so it can better match your already existing wardrobe. Just like finding which trends or accessories work best for you, have fun and experiment. Don’t be afraid to test other shades or tones if a certain one does not seem to suit you or your style. Chicastic has a great variety of red fashion accessories and also offer free shipping, so buy now!

Wearing The Right Accessories With The Red Dress

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