Animal Print Fashion 101


Animal print has made its mark and it does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. It’s been associated with wealth and royalty for centuries, and while anyone can sport this style now, there are still rules about how to wear it right. This style, no matter what feline hide you’re rocking, emits an aura of boldness. But the trick to wearing it is wearing it in moderation. This goes for whether you’re looking to use it to accentuate an outfit or as the main event. Any animal print will make more of a statement when treated moderately. It speaks for itself so choose wisely when you’re accessorizing animal print or accessorizing with it.

If you’re looking to wear the print, choose your accompanying pieces wisely. If you’re wearing a leopard print dress, choose understated accessories that only work to flatter the dress, not draw attention from it or distract, such as a black envelope clutch or a simple chiffon or silk scarf in a neutral color. If you’re looking to wear a snakeskin pant, choose a neutral top and shoe, and if you want to go with color opt for one that fits in the same color family as the shade of snakeskin so it will work to harmonize while still flattering the print. When it comes to jewelry, choose simple, timeless pieces that will still look purposeful, such as a sterling silver cocktail ring or simple gold hoop earrings.

Accessorizing with animal print isn’t as daring as having it take center stage in an outfit, but it can still be bold. Going minimal will let the print speak for itself and allow the true power of its classic style to shine. It can be used to glam up any basic or neutral outfit, and stands out best against simple and understated outfits. Instantly make a little black dress a little more retro with a leopard print scarf tied tight around your neck or hair with a matching patent belt at the waist. Make any basic tee and jeans anything but basic with a snakeskin shoe and clutch.

Animal print is bold and daring, but it can be made appropriate for any occasion depending on how you wear it. This timeless style can be worn on a date, to the office, running errands, or even an elegant night out. No matter what the occasion, the key is to go minimal and let that little bit of wild side shine. Chicastic has a special section dedicated to everything animal print. Buy now!

Animal Print Fashion Accessories

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