Animal Print Accessories

Animal print accessories are here to stay. Though certain patterns fall in and out of current fashion, the general style is always in. While it’s associated with the bold and daring, everyone can do with some experimentation. Even if you feel that animal print isn’t quite your style, incorporating some with the use of accessories can be fun and daring without going overboard.

Leopard print Scarves are great accessories on their own, especially as an easy means of introducing patterns to an outfit. They can be worn in countless styles and can be removed if desired. Not to mention, they keep us warm while still looking cute and fashionable. An animal print scarf, whether leopard or snakeskin, is a great accessory to dress up a basic tee. Additionally, if you go with a silkier fabric, you can wear it to the office or even with a little black dress. Animal print bags are also a great way to incorporate this look into your wardrobe. Most of these prints work with a majority of other colors and patterns so it can be easily mixed and matched.

Even jewelry can feature these bold patterns but can do so in smaller doses. Bangles or large plate statement necklaces with leopard or snake print can add some depth and dimension to an outfit composed of solid colors. Remember to be wary of mixing patterns; they work best when paired with solid colors and can even work with subtle textures so they have more of an impact. Let the pattern speak for itself. It will make a bolder statement when used sparingly and to greater effect. Belts or shoes are also great ways to make a statement without making it the focal point of an outfit. A belt is understated and acts as more of an accent. Using a patterned belt to break up a monotone outfit can give it that extra oomph it needs. A shoe has a similar effect in that it adds to the outfit without drawing attention away from it.

And don’t forget about the power of animal pattern handbags. A snakeskin clutch can add flare to any outfit, even a basic t-shirt and jeans combo as you’re going about running errands. A patterned handbag can be appropriate for the workplace or even a fancy night out when paired with a little black dress. Animal print can be more versatile than you think, and is an easy way to add flare to an ensemble without much effort. You don’t have to go overboard to take a walk on the wild side; remember that a little goes a long way. Chicastic carries beautiful animal print accessories so buy one now!

Blue Snakeskin Pattern Hard Clutch Purse

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