Transform your winter coat


Sometimes we feel we wear out our winter coats before the season’s out, and with good reason. The cold weather forces us into outerwear everyday and our coats are just as big a part of our outfits as the rest of our clothes. But since we’re outside, our winter jackets take center stage and make up a majority of our winter look. If you’re feeling a little rundown and tired of your daily winter wear, follow some of these tips to change up and refresh your style.

One of the easier ways to transform a jacket is to add winter accessories to your closet like a tube scarf, chiffon scarf or bowler hat. Adding a colorful print scarf can add more dimension to a coat that you realize and can be swapped out depending on your mood or intended look. The same goes for fashion hats and gloves. For any casual look, simply swap out colors of beanies and knit gloves, or dress up a little with a colored leather glove and a cloche hat. A clutch purse or handbag can also change the look of a coat. For instance, a cross-body bag can add some dimension and shape to a coat as it dissects your body and can help provide more color by breaking up the shape of the coat.

If you’re going for a more dramatic change, there are some other ways to accessorize. Adding a leather belt or chiffon scarf as a belt can create more dimension as well, especially if you use a color or print that stands out against the jacket. Similarly, a gold or silver chain belt can dress it up more if you’re going for more of a glam look. Such a small change can make a drastic difference. Additionally, you can swap out the collar of your jacket for something more chic, such as one made of fur/faux-fur, or even leather. Depending on the coat, you can either swap it out with the hood or already existing lapel, or simply place it where one would have been if it does not have one. With these options, you can create multiple looks from the same jacket. You can choose to change its appearance on your mood, desired style or occasion, or you can simply make the change to last you the rest of the winter season. When you know how to accessorize, you’ll know how to maximize your wardrobe and maximize your style potential.  Chicastic has great winter accessories that can help transform the look of your winter coat so renew your winter look now!

Transform Your Winter Coat

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