Leopard Inspired Wedding Ideas

Leopard print is hot but is it wedding appropriate? Here are some tips to incorporating this style on your big day.

Animal prints and patterns are all over the casual fashion world and have snuck into elegant and professional realms of style too. If you love leopard print what’s stopping you from using it in your wedding scheme? Just like incorporating these styles into your everyday wardrobe, balance is key and a little goes a long way.

If you want to include a bold pattern in your wedding design and creation, a great way to incorporate it is the invaluable use of accents. The rest of your wedding can adhere to traditional, timeless design with some of your own flare and still find a way to add some oomph. Include the pattern in your invitations, ribbons and party favors. Avoid going overboard by mirroring the style with timeless black and gold accents in addition to the leopard print to add some variety but retain the overall effect. For instance if you choose to accent your decor with leopard then consider putting your bridesmaids in black and gold to mirror the effect without seeming too much.

Don’t forget the cake as well! A white, black and gold cake with edible leopard print patterns is totally feasible and looks fun and daring when it comes to topping off the night with dessert. You can also use the print on napkins and silverware to act as more of an accent but still exude the theme tastefully.

You may also consider purchasing gifts for the bridal party that are leopard themed, such as leopard pattern clutch purse or leopard print chiffon scarf, and jewelry. These can also be worn and used during the wedding reception to add to your overall decor. Center pieces and take home gifts can also be in this style so your guests can remember the special day.

When done tastefully and minimally, a bold pattern can say a lot without overpowering your event. Using complementary solid colors can highlight the print without having to use it in every piece of decor or bridal wear. Don’t forget the power of accessories and accents. If you’re looking to incorporated it into your dress, you can always go with a bold leopard print shoe or a fun patterned garter belt, for example. Adding little touches do a lot without taking over your wedding. It adds the look you want in a tasteful and chic way. Don’t be afraid to add oomph to your wedding. Chicastic has beautiful leopard pattern accessories that would be perfect for the bride and the bridesmaids. 

Leopard Inspired Wedding Ideas

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