Prom On A Budget

Prom is often considered the most important event associated with high school, aside from graduation. But what with prom dresses, prom clutch, hair, transportation and after party fees, prom can also be the most expensive high school experience by far. But there is a solution. If you apply simple, smart shopping to your prom planning, you can save significantly.

1. Start early. Prom never really sneaks up on any of us. We’re aware of the event long before we even enter high school. While there is such a thing as planning too early, it might be advantageous to begin planning your prom outfit at the beginning of your senior year. Prom dresses and clutches are not yet in as high of demand considering it is not close to spring yet. Brainstorm what sorts of styles you would like to wear and compare that to what’s popular and available at stores. Unless you’re willing to go to great lengths to find a specific dress it will probably also cost you much more time and money. if you have an idea in mind you can keep an eye out for dresses throughout the year.

2. Take advantage of end of season and holiday sales. The school year starts just before the end of summer sales do, so be on the lookout! Check the formal sections of stores to look for deals and markdowns. Even though the dress is from summer, it will still be appropriate the following spring. Then of course, there are the holidays. Take advantage of Black Friday and holiday sales in November and December. Look for dresses that can translate to the spring season and any matching accessories you can find. Even if you find accessories and not a dress, it’s worth investing in accessories that are timeless and be worn with anything. That way they will match any style dress you end up purchasing.

3. Try thrifting. Thrift shops can be upscale too. There are specialty stores that specialize in certain eras of clothing and styles if that’s what you’re looking for, and it doesn’t hurt to take a look! Vintage fashion is totally in and will stand out against the crowd while still looking stylish. There are also thrift stores that accept items that are still in season if you’re looking for a more modern look. Also consider asking any older friends, siblings or cousins if they have dresses they have held onto. A lot of people save the dresses they have worn to weddings and dances because they’ve invested quite a bit of money in them and continue to take care of them in the event a future event pops up.

4. Be thrifty when it comes to accessories. You can find great fashion jewelry and prom clutch purses at Chicastic. 

Prom doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and if you plan accordingly you can even have your ensemble picked out and ready to go well before prom comes around. Save yourself the money and the stress by planning ahead and by buying your prom accessories from Chicastic

Prom On A Budget

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