Waterfall Necklace

Accessories hold a lot of power and they also happen to be incredibly adaptable. Learn how to make your waterfall necklace appropriate for any occasion and any outfit.

When it comes to statement necklaces, the waterfall style is one of the most versatile. Usually these pieces feature simplistic silver or gold chains in a repeating pattern, sometimes adorned with beads or crystals. But the silver waterfall is rather poplar, and not only that but it can be worn with a multitude of outfits and styles, no matter what the dress code.

This piece works great with a loose, casual style. The layering of the chains featured in this necklace both accent and compliment a bohemian look, such as a loose shirt, over-sized cardigan and shorts, whether they are high waisted or if they are hip huggers. Even jeans or harem pants will work just as well. The layers of this accessory add some shine to the look while mirroring the effect of layers without overdoing it.  You can even add a short fitted infinity scarf to this look, allowing the jewelry to peek from beneath it. Given the length of the necklace, it can still be seen and the scarf adds to the whole layering look inherent to the comfy, bohemian style.

This piece also has power in the professional realm as well. Wearing it over the collar of a basic button down can dress it up while still looking professional. The simplistic nature of this piece allows it to work in the office while still adding some oomph to any basic work wear, especially button downs, blouses or power suits. The simple silver makes it both appropriate and fashionably fun.

Don’t forget to wear this on a night out on the town. If you’re going straight from work to an evening out, then there’s no need to worry about completely changing your look or bringing a change of clothes and accessories. The waterfall necklace is just as appropriate for the workplace as it is for a fancy restaurant or a club. Wear it to add some glam to a basic tee and skirt, or a little black dress. Even if you mix and match a few different pieces with some of the clothing you wore to work that day, there’s no need to pack a change of accessories, too. Even if you are wearing a simple or solid top, the waterfall style can instantly dress it up. Adding this piece to a casual outfit can make it appear more than basic and a little less casual.

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Waterfall Necklace Gold Waterfall Necklace Silver

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