How To Care For Your Clutches


Clutches need to be cared for just as much as anything else. Be sure you’re doing what you can to elongate the life of your favorite handbags.

It is necessary to take care of our accessories just as much as we do our clothing. Things we buy do not last forever, and while things do wear out over time, we can still take measures to lengthen the lives of our accessories. We follow the labels on blouses, trousers and jackets, you name it. We wash and dry them accordingly in order to preserve their appearance. Handbags are not any different. Clutches need to be cared for just as much as anything else and you can keep them looking their best by following some simple steps.

Some bits of advice are simply common sense. Be careful whenever the weather is inclement or stormy. Just as you would be mindful of what shoes you wear on a rainy day, be mindful of what clutch you bring! Additionally, when you do do wear it or bring it out anywhere, be sure you keep it away from places where it might get dirty, such as the floor or on tables where food and drink are to be served.

Sometimes these measures are not enough to keep our clutches in perfect condition. Like most things, they are prone to getting stained, and this usually happens by accident. If you accidentally stain your handbag or spill something on it, immediately remove the bag’s contents first. If the stain is not serious, first use warm water and see if you can dab it out. A few small drops of detergent may also be necessary, but do not use anything strong for fear of bleaching or spotting your accessory even further. Try not to rub it, since this might make it seep further into the material. If your bag is cotton, a stain remover will work well without damaging the bag, but still be sure to blot gently instead of rubbing. If any damage is severe, you can always visit a dry cleaner. Like you would for a fancy suit or other piece of clothing, a dry cleaner will clean your piece safely, helping it retain its shape and appearance as best as possible. If your handbag was not that expensive and not worth the money for a dry cleaning trip, then consider buying a new bag. But if you take care of your clutches, no matter what the price, and treat them with care, then they can last far longer despite the length of their use.

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How To Care For Your Clutch

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