Things A Bride Needs On Her Wedding Day

Wedding days stand out for being memorable as well as jampacked. Don’t forget a thing, and most of all, don’t forget to feel both comfortable and fabulous all day long.

Your wedding day is just a single day, but is the result of countless days of love, as well as many, many days of planning. Not only that, but it marks the beginning of many more days to come with the one that you love. Because today is such a momentous event, it’s important that every bride has all of her bases covered. Given its importance and the number of things planned for this day, taking into account the ceremony, the reception, the photo shoots, the dinners, the rehearsal dinners, and the hours upon hours of prepping and preparing, you want to be sure that you have not forgotten a single thing. If you do, it may be an even longer day, and not in the good way…

Imagine going on vacation. What would you pack to bring with you? Prepping for your big day should necessitate a go-to bag that doesn’t look very different. Like any formal event, you will probably have a bridal clutch purse with you, at least when you go to the reception. You can easily use this bag to carry some essentials. These might include makeup basics to do any necessary touch-ups, bobby bins, travel hair spray, mints, powder, band aids, etc. These handy little bags can also be a great place to stash some back up jewelry or a change of jewelry. You might want to wear your more traditional pieces for the ceremony, but the reception is all about fun and dancing and definitely allows you to have some more fun in that department. Bring along a statement necklace or set of bangles to better suit your dancing.

Speaking of jewelry changes, an outfit change might also be in order. Depending on the style of your wedding and the events you have planned for the evening, an evening or cocktail dress may be more appropriate (not to mention comfortable) once the sun goes down. This sort of outfit change can also better suit your jewelry and your “emergency” clutch purse. You can still evoke that wedding vibe by using pearlescent toned necklaces or bracelets, milky white or cream colored dresses, and donning a crystal clutch or rhinestone studded purse. This is also a great option if you could not settle on a single style for your wedding look!

When it comes to your wedding, it’s best to make sure that you are both comfortable and fabulous. You want to be able to breeze through the day with as little worry and strain as possible, but you also want to look great as well!

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Things A Bride Needs

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