Wardrobe Essentials

The list of “must-haves” is seemingly neverending, but there are some essentials that never quite leave the list.

Every wardrobe needs a few essentials. While your look is always entirely your own and adheres to your particular tastes, there are some basics that everyone should have, and each one can reflect your personality at the same time. These fashionista must-haves will always come handy in a pinch, will definitely be worn on more than one occasion, and can be used for years to come. Not only that, but your choice of style and flourish will make each one entirely your own.

1. A bold bag. A bag is an often overlooked accessory. These pieces are handy as well as fashionable. They don’t just hold your stuff but look good, and make you look good, while doing so. A bold patterned or colored bag is a great addition to any wardrobe. They can dress up or add flare to a basic tee and jeans ensemble and can just as easily be worn on a night out. A small to medium bag is best for this sort of thing, since they are more versatile than oversized bags. Choose a bold color (a jewel-tone, pastel, or even a neutral in an interesting or sleek material) or a pattern (whether multi-colored, geometric, boho, or animal print) that goes with a majority of your clothing. That way, you can whip this bag out for any occasion and look fabulous no matter what.

2. Statement jewelry. Everyone has one major go-to piece that dazzles them up, no matter where they’re going, and just screams “me!”. Statement necklaces are all the rage right now, but other pieces of jewelry can work too, whether it’s an intricate arm cuff or a vintage ring, one statement piece will always leave a personal stamp on whatever you’re wearing.

3. Little black dress. Everyone needs a little black dress! They can be dressed up (especially with a statement piece from item number 2) or dressed down with a flannel shirt or anything you prefer. These dresses can also come in a variety of styles on their own. No little black dress is treated the same, though they all serve the same purpose. Choose a dress in a cut that fits your figure best, and then move on to figure out which textures or adornments suit your personality and general sense of style. A basic dress is always safe, but one with a little more character will go that extra mile to defining your own individual sense of style.

4. Boots. These have become an absolute must for every wardrobe, luckily there are styles, lengths and colors to suit absolutely everyone, and almost encourages that you have more than one pair. You can go for that tough city look with knee-high black boots, or you can opt for the tamer light leather booties with lace inlays. Having one or both is perfectly acceptable, along with any style or color in between. Each and every style of boot goes with just about anything now, even if there is a particular boot for every style as it is. These are great must-haves that are cute as well as comfortable.

5. Scarf. A scarf always comes in handy. Sometimes outfits just seem to be missing something and other times it just happens to be a bit chilly outside. Scarves, especially chiffon scarves, are incredibly versatile. You can be sure to have several in your wardrobe to match any color set or look you want to exhibit. These, like boots, are comfy as well as practical, and can be used to maximize your wardrobe while keeping you a bit warm as well.

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