How to Travel Light with Multifunctional Accessories


Packing is hard, you never quite know what you’ll want to wear on any given day of a planned trip or vacation. Try to keep it simple to make sure you have an accessory for everything.

Packing is always a difficult and daunting task. Whether you happen to be planning a weekend getaway or even a month long escape, packing is usually the hardest thing to do and often weighs on our minds. We want to make sure we have an outfit to suit every occasion, along with several options just in case something happens or a particular piece doesn’t happen to suit our mood. But no matter what, we do not want to end up packing our entire wardrobes. We want to have options, of course, but we can accomplish this by packing pieces with multiple uses, multiple styles, are versatile, and can adapt to suit any look we happen to be going for.

When it comes to accessories, scarves are one of the most versatile. Whether they are printed, boldly colored, or simply black, white or another neutral, they can be worn with almost any outfit, be worn casually or formally, and can be transfigured into any number of styles. If you’re going away for a weekend, one scarf is enough, and can be worn each day with a different outfit without looking tired and overworn. If you’re going away for a longer period of time, then two may be a good number, one in a solid or neutral color, and another in a bold pattern or print. When it comes to scarves, the way they are worn can transform their effect, and can bring you from casual to formal. A loose infinity style around the neck is more casual and comfortable, while a tight knot at the side of the throat or tied into a shawl, draped over the shoulders gives off the air of elegant sophistication.

Handbags are a little tricky when traveling. You may want to bring a medium-sized handbag, probably in a neutral or a bold pattern that will go with anything such as a leopard print. When you’re traveling, it’s good to have a handbag that can hold a little more than your basic essentials but isn’t too big that it will weigh you down. You’ll want to bring your essentials of course, but depending on where you’re going or what you have planned, you may want to pack some snacks, water, or maybe an extra cardigan and a book. A bag that’s too big will encourage you to fill it to capacity, and if you’re traveling the last thing you want is to feel over-encumbered. A small bag may not leave you with enough room to bring as many things as you need since you’ll be away from home.

Jewelry is a little tricky, but can still be easy to plan and pack. If you have specific pieces that you wish to wear with outfits that you have already packed, then by all means pack them as well. But if you’re unsure of what you might want to wear while you’re away, then it’s best to pack adaptable and timeless pieces. Simple pieces that are simply silver or gold jewelry sets are the best. You can wear any number of matching items, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. depending on how dressed up you wish to feel, and yet each and every set will match whatever it is you’re wearing. Also, you can bring a statement item or two to dress up some more basic outfits you may have packed as well.

The trick with packing is to remain as adaptable as possible. You want everything you bring to have purpose, and multiple ones if necessary. That way, you can pack the least amount of clothes and accessories, but you will have actually packed the power of an entire wardrobe.

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