How to Wear Fuchsia Right


Now that spring is here, you may be dying to break out some bright colors to match the season. Here are some tips on wearing fuchsia without going overboard.

Fuchsia is undoubtedly a bright and bold color, and it is perfectly at home now that spring is here. It brings brightness to a wardrobe and suits the season well, but just as any bold and bright color, it should be treated with care. Since it is so eye catching, it is best to wear it as minimally as possible. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear a lot of it, just be careful what and how you wear it.

Wearing an outfit entirely made of this color can be a bit daring, but can be done right, such as with a cocktail or casual dress. Since a dress is essentially one piece, it technically makes up your entire outfit. But the tricky part is accessorizing. If you want to play up the fuchsia, then wearing subtle accessories or jewelry will help make the color stand out more. Wearing simple gold or silver allows you to accessorize without taking away from the outfit itself. Similarly, wearing black works well also. A black shoe and a cardigan helps the fuchsia shine through due to the contrast. Wearing other bright colors or patterns can easily make this shade get lost in a sea of confusion. Wearing a bright piece with neutral or toned down accessories or accents doesn’t take away from the focus of your outfit and still allows you to have fun with jewelry and such.

When it comes to outfit pieces or jewelry, the rules work much the same way. Fuchsia works best when worn with neutrals, especially darker ones like black, and most especially navy blue. Since this pinkish purple is light and loud, the darker neutrals will allow the color to really make a statement. It’s all in the contrast. A simple outfit would be a fuchsia top with a navy blue skirt or pant, but if you want to be a little more daring with the color, try reversing the combination. A skinny, colored pant is totally in right now, and you can use this look to your advantage this spring. With a black or navy top, you can be bold while remaining tasteful and chic.

Accessories are a great way to incorporate color into an outfit. Use it to inspire a statement clutch or handbag to wear with basic outfits or even to spruce up your professional look. Gemstones and chunky enamel bracelets and necklaces are also wonderful ways to brighten up an outfit, whether casual or formal. Moderation is key, and being subtle can say a lot.

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Fuchsia Accessories


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