How to Combine White with Other Colors


White is often underestimated as a color, but as a neutral it has a lot of power as well. Here are some ways to make white work to your best advantage.

White and black are the ultimate neutral colors. Black may come to mind as the most popular and the most versatile, but white is just as useful and just as chic. While black can do a lot to tie outfits together, it also darkens them considerably, whether you are wearing it with like colors or using it to provide contrast. White, as you may imagine, does the opposite. It brightens up ensembles and lightens any look, providing balance and possibly acting as a canvas to let bolder shades take the stage.

If you have a bold top, whether it is bold in color or pattern, a white pant or skirt will do the trick. This way, your statement piece will really pop and truly be the focal point of your outfit. It will not detract from your focal point and really allow it to take center stage. Additionally, if you’re wearing a white pant, here’s a pro tip: wear a nude colored heel to give off the appearance of longer legs. Wearing a dark or high contrast shoe with light colored bottoms will create an unbalanced and perhaps a bit out of proportion.

This versatile color can also be used to help break up and add balance to an outfit. If you are wearing a lot of colored pieces or are wearing a bold dress, then white accessories can help subtly accent your look without drawing away from the other colors you happen to be wearing. As a neutral, it can match practically any color and can help bridge the gap between others to create a fully complete and intentional look. And, oddly enough, this color can be used to accent darker ones without adding too much. White accessories used to accent ensembles composed of rich, dark colors or jewel tones can really pop and make a statement while still being simplistic and ingenious. It adds a bit of contrast without adding new colors to your ensemble’s already established color palette.

If you’re ever unsure about what to wear, you can always go with the classic monochromatic look by matching it with black. Despite its simplicity, these colors are timeless together and have the ability to create modern looks just as much as they can create classic vintage or retro looks. It all depends on what pieces and accessories you choose, as well as how you choose to wear them.

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White Accessories


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