How to Style a Unique Prom Dress

bold-promProm is an important event, marking the end of high school. Go out with a unique bang by sporting a dress with a bold print.

Graduating high school is a big deal. It is one of the first major milestones teens experience especially in terms of accomplishment. Arguably, prom is considered one of the most important aspects of high school and is sometimes teens’ first formal event. Why not go out with a bang, right? Suiting up for prom can take all year for those who are really dedicated to looking their absolute best, finding the absolute perfect dress. If you’re looking to add some oomph to your high school finale, consider wearing bold patterns and prints when it comes to dresses and accessories. Some prints are trendy while others can be timeless, it all depends on how you want to go out.

It does not matter whether you choose to go modern, retro, or timeless, but a dress with a print is always unique. Animal print always makes a statement, whether it is featured on your prom dress or simply incorporated into your accessories. Leopard print can look both modern and Old Hollywood depending on how you wear it. Pairing it with sleek fabrics and monochromatic accessories that are black enamel or chrome can give you a more modern, edgier look. Wearing it with classic deep reds and creams can give you more of a retro, vintage vibe that hearkens to a more timeless sense of individuality. You always have the option of accessorizing as well. If you want to jazz up a simpler dress, simply add animal print fashion accessories, think clutch and shoes, or maybe even jewelry.

Other patterns can land in either trendy or timeless categories, and both can be just as bold and distinctive. Using bright statement colors, like orchid, red, cobalt blue, emerald green etc. work just as well and can similarly be accessorized using patterned handbags, shoes or jewelry. But when it comes to accessorizing a unique ensemble, it does well to be subtle. Choosing one or two bold aspects is enough to set you apart, but being more eye catching than you’d like. If you choose a dress that features a bold print, pattern or fabric, then using plainer or more timeless accessories to accent them will allow your dress to shine. If you have a more basic dress that is dyed a bold color, you can still add more oomph with patterned or printed accessories that match or offset the shade you’re wearing. When it comes to sporting a bold look, balance is key and can help your outfit truly shine.

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Bold Prom Options


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