How to Wear Trendy Prints


Wearing prints can be confusing, but we all want to try them out. Here are some ways to wear prints while allowing them their maximum style potential.

Prints often reflect the style of the time; they are constantly changing and are always in the now. It’s important to keep this all in mind when you wear prints and patterns. Even more timeless styles see many modern reinterpretations and uses in fashion so how they are worn and what they are worn with always matter. Use some fashion savvy when it comes to constructing an outfit and wear your patterns wisely.

First off, know which design you are working with. Any given one will have a plethora of ways to wear it and styles that will result. For instance, leopard can be classic just as easily as it can be rocker chic or even bohemian. The endless combinations can allow you some real creativity and room to experiment. When constructing an outfit, look to the colors featured in the pattern itself to influence your choice of accents and other pieces. For instance, if you have a paisley top that uses red, coral and black in its design, look to those colors to influence your choice of pant, shoe, bag and/or choice of accessories. This way, your pattern still stands out but your entire ensemble still feels purposeful and complete.

There are several ways to use prints and patterns, as well. Take the above example of leopard print. Say you have a monochromatic outfit consisting of a black top and black bottoms. Adding leopard inspired or printed accessories, such as flats or heels, a chiffon scarf, or even a sleek leather clutch, will turn your simplistic outfit into a dynamic ensemble. The opposite logic can also be applied. Say you have a solitary piece in a leopard print, such as a bodycon dress. Accessorizing this dress with black shoes, handbag and accessories will similarly complement the pattern without drawing away from it or falling into the background.

Look to your chosen pattern for clues on how to accessorize it, what else to wear with it, and what colors would look best. It is often suggested that one not mix patterns, this can create a very confusing and busy appearance, drowning out both prints entirely. If you do plan on mixing and matching, however, seek some sort of balance. Either use accessories like belts or crossbody bags to dissect your frame and create different sections, making the overall appearance easier to register and digest. Or you can consider combining a texture with a print. A texture is not as loud or attention seeking as a pattern, but will add a lot of depth to your look.

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